25 March 2008

The Unforeseen Force

The Unforeseen Force
I wish to share the rationale, for me getting into blog writing. I work with one of these financial institutions and I am part of the legal team here. My team is comparatively very small and the extent of exploring the world within the team is exhausted or rather there is no issue of my interest. Being aware this fact of more exciting experience within the team I started venturing outside my team. I am a person who indulges in a learning curve always. One fine morning there was sudden rise in the gravitational pull of this unforeseen force and I was very much in its ambit and was engulfed this vicious field I was very much in the atmosphere of the unforeseen power.

Unforeseen force had the magic spell on me. I was never a time bound person very much unconscious of time and tide. But the spell was so sweet to be resisted that there was no retaliation from my end. Suddenly spell was so strong that I was forced to obey the timelines. My thought process was suddenly so vibrant that I started thinking of aspects which I could have never done. I started scribbling these thought and it’s a small scrap or may be an outcome of that splendid unforeseen force. At times the unforeseen power forces you to venture into various dimensions which are yet be explored within you.

Give way to unforeseen forces they might lead you to an unraveling journey.

- Nikhil ©