10 October 2010

10-10-10 Dasvidaniya

This day I aim to make a confession, I was enormously in love with her and my verses could never expound my feelings. But my body did react to each and every drift she made. I am sorry I haven’t told anyone of you about my clandestine affair. I am sure few of you would have read my verses of devotion http://nikholic-psyche.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-feel-like-man_19.html  for her. But today on this auspicious day of 10-10-10 there is confession I wish to do. I want to take up a vidhan (in Marathi this is known as a promise). A vidhan on 10-10-10 is I shall forgive and forget her forever. Few parting words for her.

You stood by me

For all the pain

And I had nothing to gain

You made me insane

With you addiction in vain

Today I say I shall be away

With the happiness I want to sway

Forvever keep you at bay.

Bye bye is all I want to say

Dasvidhaniya Dasvidhaniya Dasvidhaniya. ……


04 October 2010

All alone as I came

All alone as I came,
On the verge of making clone
A clone so chirpy, a clone so morbid
A emotion so vital an emotion so fatal
Forgive and forget is that can't happen,
Can't impute the rationalizing psyche,
Future in the womb, trapped and expecting.
Celestial happiness is only with the thoughts.
Die or do, live or let live.
Just be sane that u act the way you are supposed to act,
Cause if you don't, u are wrong rationalizing outcast.
Even after year of human civilization to accompany.
All alone as I came.