27 November 2008

My Favorite Bomb blast....

My favorite bomb blast, I hope my children don’t have to write this essay in there school days. By the time I have children and the rate in which terrorists attacks are frequent, this situation will be evident. A state cannot assure security of life to its citizens, it shall change the operating pattern which makes it run. I think it's time to rethink about the democratic pattern that is followed in our country. I do not elect through my vote cast, a prime minister directly, I elect a person who in turn will elect someone else, which is vague and I don’t know who will manage my country. The recent scene of the open bribery episode in Lokhsabha immensely disgraceful. I completely distrust people who are ruling my country. Let a single mind work devoid of any pressures.

I think this a planned action to curb down the growing economy, if we see a few more of such incidences in the Asian region then my presumption would surely come true. My country is facing a lot of problems; it’s going through the financial crunch; people see job cuts, salary cuts and now the most disastrous situation is unsecured life. Even if a person tries to overcome such situations, terrorism would kill them. These blasts have blemished some new opportunities which might have helped the country grow financially. This is an attack on psychology of my country men, I had terriorst dreams for last two nights. The scale in which the thought has gone in planning these attacks is in a way to cripple the mental stiffness of my country. The attack is not only on Mumbai the financial capital of the country but is specifically made on the hub where the financial deals are finalized, the final place to attack and impede the growth. we would be But just as my fellow Mumbaikars including me are getting ready to get back to work tomorrow. “Terrorisms can never overcome hungry”
If anything more that can be implanted in a human body, the implantation of seed with terrorist thought. The enemy of my country has succeeded in implanting this seed.

I salute all the people who have lost there life in blast, pray and yell that let there blood not go in vain…..
- Nikhil ©

17 November 2008

I dont know

I dont know, why i dont act,

I dont know, why i dont react.

I dont know, why i feel

I dont know, if you really feel

I dont know, why my heart pound

I dont know, does it really counts

I dont know, if its gods grace....

But i know, for sure its Progress.................................

DS: Some thing Charismatic happened when i was writing this blog and was about to post it, thats why a end like this.
- Nikhil ©

13 November 2008

Marathi charolya ...

Marathi charolya ...
English font ....
Amhi ahot "small" kavitanche khupach "fond"… :-)

Mazya swapnanche viman..
Tichya ghara varun udale…
Ani tithe ghurutvakarshan vadhle ...
Mhanun te tithech padle....

Tine chorun pahave ase kadhi vatlech nahi,

pan aple vagnech abhalagat

tyani sahaj dokawnyasarkhe hote.

Tu jevha jevha
assthes na
Thevha thevha
tu mala sundar

Mala athavte tuze
mazhya samor vavarna....
kadhi ujvya..
kadhi davya bajune odhni sawarne..

- Nikhil ©

11 November 2008

The --- Virtual --- Unforeseen --- Force.

I am fascinated by the virtual world, the convenience; the happiness which is granted by it is awesome. My blogs are my mental impression which I had put in language of 01001001 and I really appreciate the people who understand this language, it needs that bit more. The virtual world of 01001001 helps me communicate well. Because here I can manipulate, master and manage myself well, and build a holistic picture of how I fancy. But I take no notice of the statement above made, if you portray your mental expression how can it be virtual.

I am certainly very happy from last few days in my virtual life. And I think my 1st blog (Unforeseen Force) is happening to me again, the force has lost its momentum for some time, and now has come back stiff and sturdy on me. This one is dedicated to that unforeseen force which forced me in to blog writing, Appreciation is the key to the most intricate situation and can trigger human emotion and actions in a Betterrest way. (Betterrest = Better than the Rest). There may be hardly some thing in the existing world around me; it might be in my favor or against me, but that doesn’t bother me much, as long as the provocation is alive in the virtual world, and that will keep me moving. The best thing of virtual world is a person is devoid of physical appearance or existence. I am in this virtual world with the device of virtual communication and can’t be there for a span of time. Yet being human has to get off it, but I am happy for the fact that I am virtually happy and shall stay so. Thank you……. The --- Virtual --- Unforeseen --- Force.

- Nikhil ©

10 November 2008

Ek Doctor Ki Maut

Ek Doctor Ki Maut was one movie which holds 5 stars in my review comments. This movie portrait the classical governmental work structure which still persist in our country. The movie is based on a true story of a doctor who in his real life had committed suicide. In the movie Dr. Dipankar Roy (Pankaj Kapoor) is a physician who practices in a government hospital as a junior Dr. The only passion in his life was painstaking research at the cost of his personal life to discover a vaccine for leprosy. He avoids private practice just because this profession would offer him to go through variety of cases and leverage him with the expertise to research on the divine vaccine. Dr. Roy had set up his own laboratory including the caged lab animals to whom he treated like his children’s. Dr Roy toils away night after night. His wife Seema (Shabana Azmi) is a sublime character in the movie and she clearly understands what her husband is striving for. (I think her character had a temperamental shift and that exactly made her a normal person distinguishing her from being superficial) she at times had fight and craved for his attention. There is a lovely chemistry between them which I truly admire, the bonding between an ambitious person and a person who is completely in love with that person. Dr Roy’s efforts are supported by Dr. Kundu and Amulya (Irfan Khan). Amulya is a columnist who is keen on enlargements happening in the field of medication and human therapy, he is one point who acted as a direct interface between Dr Dipankar Roy’s and the medical world at large, he also updated Dr Roy with the worldly renew happening in the field of human medication.

Dr Roy after a lot of research publishes a paper to state his research. The news is broadcasted over the television and Dr Dipankar Roy’s as a junior Dr receives international recognition. His superiors including the head of health department restrain him from breaking the news, and as reward of aversion from senior’s and his fellow departmental colleagues Dr Roy is transferred to a remote village which is really messy and would permit him no time to research, but the experiment and research endured over unwarranted situations. Dr. Dipankar Roy is asked to report into his senior colleagues. Dr. Arijit Sen and Dr. Ramananda urge him to share his work, but that meeting is a pretentious way of humiliating the efforts of Dr Roy, after such incidence Dr Roy faces a mild heart attack and refuses to go to a hospital. There is a constant clash of ideologies and ill-fated bureaucracy and red tap-ism of the system. The movie almost comes to an end and you watch the despondent and helplessness of a Dr. There is a sudden turn to the movie when two people from a foreign land approach Dr Roy ask him to help there country in production of a dual edged vaccine, which while curing Leprosy would also effectively cure infertility in women.

But much as to my despair the story is based on a real life story of a Dr. Mukhopadhyay he was a pioneer researcher with great achievements, Dr. Mukhopadhyay committed suicide on 19th June, 1981. Dr. Mukhopadhyay was the first Indian to propagate the concept of a test tube baby though he made the test tube baby after 67 days on 3rd October on the same year when the 1st test tube baby was made on 25th July, 1978 by Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Dr. Edward named as Marie. The question that horrors me is who was the 1st in this experiment.

We think this profession is divine, godly, dignified and feel the holiness of helping the human society, but is it a real truth????? I think there is a dark, devilish world under the veal. My comments are completely based on the manipulative and tyranny structure every governmental system has, which is completely unavoidable.

- Nikhil ©