20 July 2014

Pop that Viagra - Attain the Orgasm

She came close to me and with a seductive tone asked me to follow her. It was only 25mg that made magic to me. I was like a cue ball. I never felt that hardness and couldn’t wait to start. I know your smart enough to understand the adult content and actions that might follow, and what I was about to start. But for some who want it explicitly, two flowers start kissing each other.

Earlier I wrote on life a template giving the brief of how life is stuck to patterns and formats, mostly all provided to in the format "ready to eat". Further I discussed on the next steps to take a time please when you are stuck in the template scenario. Time as a commodity is rare and we make it rarer by not offering it to the task which actually requires it the most. The essential part remains unanswered, the chronological events of life makes it difficult to identify the task which requires attention 1st. One such task for me is my blog, how often do i make it a point to write, how reckless I am to the only perception that I can write.

Time please was an aspect that deliberates the agenda of taking the time off. The idea is to take time off and think about the template that you are in correctly. But what next to thinking, just thinking isn’t enough, when you feel that thinking has helped you reach the solution (which means that you want to have sex), what do you do next? The most common answer to this is foreplay. Well my understanding is that foreplay is not what we think of doing, the moment you decided to have sex (start) we are in the hurry to reach the end soon. Probably the concept of reaching the end soon makes you come (cum) quicker than you ever could have imagined, and hence the supplement plays a vital role. The supplement gives you the added power to start! Start slowly, feel the start, enjoy the start, live the start, then the process will be enjoyed.

Wow that one nice thought of joining the gym, or following that diet plan, or writing on daily basis, or following the routine, or anything random that’s the outcome of your thinking. What do you do with that thought? The essential point in my discussion and observation with my learned friends is that of following the routine "The discipline". It’s indeed the word that’s easier being said and rigid to follow. How easy could it be to pop a tablet to be disciplined and that would overnight become the best seller, just as Viagra. It’s interesting to see the way Viagra works, essentially the fundamental principle is "To stand hard" and to achieve the feeling of standing hard makes you pop it. In essence even for Viagra to work you have to start; Hence start!!!! make it simple and easy. Don’t start with a big bang, start with minor fantasies of a lovely session, start with a morsel, start with a word, start with a minor step, start with something, and then be disciplined that keeps you standing by poping in that Viagra called dedication.

We all have short-lived fantasies and that makes popping the supplement compulsory, keep boosting your hardness to ensure, your start continues to be a starting, and the process, the action until you reach that highest point of orgasm.

Start till you reach the Orgasm. Attain the Orgasm.