18 August 2014

Donkey – A Success Story!

Mirror above!! Be careful of what you see.

I am a donkey. Not because of my earlier post on Viagra, if you try to find the connection between a Donkey and Viagra, and in case you find the connection then you are divine and urgently need a psychic treatment.

Let’s discuss Donkey in detail and some of his characteristics and build a co-relation. That’s the purpose of this post. A donkey knows to kick things away from him. Donkey is a beast of burden. They literary don’t have brains (based on the folklore). They are stupid enough to drown themselves in to the dark.

Remember the donkey story carrying salt on his back crossing the river, mistakenly he sat down once crossing the river realizing that the weight was reduced, he did it every time going forward that’s the “Template”. We stick to something that soothes us and stick with it for life. The master (Situation) plays it smarts he replaces the same with cotton and then you are stuck.

What frustrates a Donkey?

A Donkey gets frustrated when he doesn’t have the answer to the known or a similar situation. Once he is stuck in the aforesaid situation a Donkey relies on the advice of another Donkey. So typical of Donkey!

In this moment the Donkey actually starts kicking things away, No I can’t do it, I can’t find the time to do it, I don’t have the ability to do it, and finally you are a Donkey so you will find an appropriate excuse to match the situation. But in these days a Donkey fails to understand that he is a Donkey and has to work hard to achieve something. Understood Donkey!

Why am I a Donkey?

Unlike the success stories told to me, the personified personality makes me visualize him to be a Lion. But sooner I tried to be a Lion in the given set of situations I actually felt like a Donkey. What is the real secret? The truth is always concealed in a manner that you are deceived by the glorious words. I struck a jackpot only after a million times when I was made to feel like a Donkey. And you know what the jackpot is I realized that “I am Donkey Yes I am a Donkey!!!!! The moment you become aware of it you have found the path.

What should a Donkey do?

A Donkey should be like a Donkey. Once you get this primary understanding (I am Donkey) you are then on the verge of becoming a real Donkey. However real is not easily realizable. To achieve the real it takes a lot of performance. And this fact that you are actually a Donkey is so hard hitting that you might not want to be one, probably you need a personified version of a Donkey. But the fact is you are Donkey. Look and analyze the situation you are in now. Do an RCA (root cause analysis) to reach to a conclusion. Hello Donkey!!!!

Understand that Donkeys are the beast of burden and have to always work hard. Hard work has no substitute; the most commonly used self help jargon. Every person who is successful is a true Donkey, because he has worked hard, walked through the woods several times to find that one shortcut, he would never tell you how many times he has failed. “Appreciate people who share their failure, but never embrace their failure”. Start working without kicking.

How to be a real Donkey?

The basic premises basis which you need to start is that I don’t have brains. Which means you have actions! Brain is parasite it will find ways to feed you on others actions. Don’t fall for it, short term is glorious, but in the long run one who is working for you will takeover. It has always been the case, read the history. Do you feel like a Donkey now??? Good!!! That means you agree and are on the path to glory.

Stop kicking things and this will only happen if you think you can do it. So if you are in an alien land what will you do? Start the search in finding which is more relevant to you. Start figuring out than kicking, it’s only when you start will you reach, and even if you don’t you know the way it’s ok. You now know the way which is wrong. (Thanks to all the inspiring What’s App status)

Kicking according to me is relevant in some cases as well, being a donkey you shall eventually learn what to kick and what not to kick. Self defense is the best attack. Anyone who tries to kill your self esteem, confidence, moral and physical existence, deserves to be kicked, I mean like really hard.

Be ready to carry the weight. You aren’t doing a favor on anyone. You are carrying the weight for yourself. Learn the harder way because that’s how you learn, remember your childhood. What comes harder; stays longer, for people who have achieved love after a lot of persuasion would realize it much better.

Our forefathers deceived us, we are actually Donkeys. Welcome to a new learning Donkey. Be Donkey. Be a beast of burden. Be without brain. And one day you will be the Donkey that the world would term as successful.

20 July 2014

Pop that Viagra - Attain the Orgasm

She came close to me and with a seductive tone asked me to follow her. It was only 25mg that made magic to me. I was like a cue ball. I never felt that hardness and couldn’t wait to start. I know your smart enough to understand the adult content and actions that might follow, and what I was about to start. But for some who want it explicitly, two flowers start kissing each other.

Earlier I wrote on life a template giving the brief of how life is stuck to patterns and formats, mostly all provided to in the format "ready to eat". Further I discussed on the next steps to take a time please when you are stuck in the template scenario. Time as a commodity is rare and we make it rarer by not offering it to the task which actually requires it the most. The essential part remains unanswered, the chronological events of life makes it difficult to identify the task which requires attention 1st. One such task for me is my blog, how often do i make it a point to write, how reckless I am to the only perception that I can write.

Time please was an aspect that deliberates the agenda of taking the time off. The idea is to take time off and think about the template that you are in correctly. But what next to thinking, just thinking isn’t enough, when you feel that thinking has helped you reach the solution (which means that you want to have sex), what do you do next? The most common answer to this is foreplay. Well my understanding is that foreplay is not what we think of doing, the moment you decided to have sex (start) we are in the hurry to reach the end soon. Probably the concept of reaching the end soon makes you come (cum) quicker than you ever could have imagined, and hence the supplement plays a vital role. The supplement gives you the added power to start! Start slowly, feel the start, enjoy the start, live the start, then the process will be enjoyed.

Wow that one nice thought of joining the gym, or following that diet plan, or writing on daily basis, or following the routine, or anything random that’s the outcome of your thinking. What do you do with that thought? The essential point in my discussion and observation with my learned friends is that of following the routine "The discipline". It’s indeed the word that’s easier being said and rigid to follow. How easy could it be to pop a tablet to be disciplined and that would overnight become the best seller, just as Viagra. It’s interesting to see the way Viagra works, essentially the fundamental principle is "To stand hard" and to achieve the feeling of standing hard makes you pop it. In essence even for Viagra to work you have to start; Hence start!!!! make it simple and easy. Don’t start with a big bang, start with minor fantasies of a lovely session, start with a morsel, start with a word, start with a minor step, start with something, and then be disciplined that keeps you standing by poping in that Viagra called dedication.

We all have short-lived fantasies and that makes popping the supplement compulsory, keep boosting your hardness to ensure, your start continues to be a starting, and the process, the action until you reach that highest point of orgasm.

Start till you reach the Orgasm. Attain the Orgasm.

03 May 2014

Time Please

I take the liberty of revealing few facts about myself. I profoundly waste my time. “Being Busy” is the perception I create and I am very close to “Being Human” that ways. I am certain that I am not an exception. And I know that’s true in your case too. If you are the exception and still reading this then I am delighted and thank you for the heaven like feeling.

“kaam ho ya na ho! Time nahin hai mera pass” (Whatever the case maybe; I don’t have time). This is the attitude we have. We create this vacuum of timelessness and that doesn’t allow the heat to bypass, or the energies to explode (remember the age old concept of a thermos). The self created paucity of time is a suicide note we write on daily basis. This paucity of time helps us in alienating from our achievements.

"Waqt hota nahin hai, nikalna padta hai… nikalna padta hai" (One never has time, we have to make efforts to squeeze the time out - Anil Kapoor’s Movie: Teezab) It is essential to pause a bit and think if we are in template scenario again, continuing the mundane which is inflicted. In this fast paced professional life we all are marching zombies. Break the vicious circle be a human take a “Time please”. The only time when you pause is the time of self introspection, time to think, time to imagine, time to ideate, time to gather thoughts, time to find yourself and yes finally start. Start the fresh life again. Start for what you have been aiming for in life. And if you at some point in time feel down or low it’s so easy just ask for a “Time Please”

“Time Please” is not a distress button which helps some enzymes to overflow in your body to make you feel energetic in a spell. Imagine yourself being a painter, would you in one go finish the painting, wouldn’t you pause and see if it’s just what you thinking is what you painting, wouldn’t you feel the need to step back and check the colors. And every time you take the “Time Please” you make it better. So you are the Painter already start coloring your life.

"Hum tumhe maarenge, aur zaroor maarenge ... lekin woh bandook bhi hamari hogi, goli bhi hamari hogi aur waqt bhi hamara hoga."( I will kill you, and will kill you for sure ... but that gun will be mine, the bullet will be mine and the time will be mine - Raaj Kumar Movie: Saudagar) Don’t let time kill you. You take the first step. Wait for a while when we are the process of creating our lives. It’s important that we value the time. The best way to value time is to give it time, and how do we do that. Let’s begin with small things how have we wasted or may be invested (if that makes you feel good) our time today. Devote just five minutes in a day to analyze, and before we do that lets keep one thing in mind, not to think anything negative. It’s good to have good thought initially, later once you get used to analyze slowly you can move to deeper level, just as onion layer after another.

As a kid while playing I seldom used the “time please” in a situation where I was stuck or when I knew that I was about to lose or plan an exit. The trick is to ask for “time please”. And it’s a trick initially when you have to deceive others with the fact that you are actually busy, sooner you will realize that you are gaining the time by pausing the time. Imagine a clock that you can pause, you would live longer. It’s the very same concept that works with “Time please”. Times up for me need to Start.

18 April 2014

Life a template

Although the whole phenomena of living the life at the fullest extent seems only possible, visible and realizable in the self help books, articles & videos. Indeed they inspire each one of us at the initial stage in the best possible extend, as strongly as the wave thumps the shore just to eradicate the existence of the shore. It is vital to note that how many such waves do we generate and what is the recurrence? What happens to the impact made? Is it gone in few seconds, minutes, may be days, at max a week what after that. Well it’s a natural phenomena for things to cool down. And for cool things to melt and melted to vaporize. Why and what is the level of impact do I need to have the perennial effect of my efforts and constant recurrence to break the shore apart and enter the land. Well nothing much actually, and the way out is what i will share in my upcoming blogs. we all live by templates in life. The book we read the video that we saw is a template made readily available. We all find exactly the same Rahul and Simran in our life. But the Rahul in the movie is not the same Rahul in reality. Rahul is only demonstrated in the moments where he is best. But we seldom miss the fact that Rahul might have thought of cheating at least once from the time he fell in love with Simran and thats just an example which comes handy and hits directly because it deals with this sensitive topic called "love". There is a template for everything available Love, marriage, romance, happiness, anger you name it and you get it. Perfect Template for love is equal to flowers, gifts, wine. And we all monotonously follow the these templates, we look at templates available and well demonstrated by others. Breaking template or may be building one is the most difficult or innovative task to do in life. Ever since we are born we have been made to understand things through templates. At the end of the story there is no moral left, it’s just the story. We live in the story. Such stories that I have read in the past I am still there. The Clever Crow. Even the crow has satisfied the quest. I am both thirsty and hungry at the same moment. Some templates to aspiration do come through random act of kindness and no zero day. The idea is to create your template. But it needs brains and something’s beyond. Forget it! Live in the Template its easier that ways.

30 January 2014

Let it start

Let it start
Let it get out of the system
Let it trickle out of you
Let it breathe
Let it grow
Let it inspire you
Let it create you
Let it shine if he has the fate
Let it cherish the existence
Let it be alive
Let it be born Cause in you he lives and kills you
Let it be out for you to survive