30 March 2009

Inscription for you

How do I inscribe something for you?
I impede myself from stating….
What I hold for you
It might be a boon
Or a lethal blow
How do I say?
What I feel for you
Stating in words might kill its zeal
Sometimes I feel you an angel
Every portion and expression of you
Gets in me
And I keep buzzing like a honey bee
Like a holy gospel all over again
My words are inadequate to quantify
What I undergo and surpass
I wish to keep it a secret
An exquisite fragile delusion
You play the axis of my existence
I revolve and dwell around it
The smallest part of me belongs to you
The principal thought ever is you
My ideas are you
My words are you
How do I say anything about me?
I am speechless

29 March 2009

Heartrending Dedication

I feel today
Lifeless and breathless
The density of air
Full of uncertainties
Zeroing down opportunities
It’s the crunch people say
Sheets not working equal
With the left
The right doesn’t contest
Every part of it takes for a fling
Hungry country thinking attrition
Life here is a complete mismatch
Every moment of fear
A devil coming near
The aftermath is horrendous
Prejudiced is the life
Future seems at stake
The only hope that hangs
Is I shall hold it by hand
Off the hands
And off the life
People around in consideration
I wish the existing life in motion.

This is dedicated to people who are suffering trough recession and job cuts......I am completely speechless and the only way i could express was this.

27 March 2009

Two Micro Stories

Happy Saree Day

Rohit was in the 2nd year of MBA course. Immersed in his studies. He wasn’t provoked by these fatal delicacies of attraction, infatuation and love. Least interested in college functions he was dragged by his friends to attend a Saree day. He heard a sweet voice which captured his attention. Sakshi was the tag she was sporting. She was draped in a lovely pink saree and had a mesmerizing look, her exquisiteness was so striking that he was almost a zombie. The celestial beauty had imprinted her mark in his heart. Sakshi was hosting a show, when Rohit saw her for the 1st time. She was speaking and speaking and is speaking till date. It’s their 1st anniversary the only wish Rohit deserves is “Happy Saree Day”


It was a rainy night. I meet rima and was swept away by the hurricane of her presence around me. I had always valued her in my existence. A sweeping thunder strike. The electricity flows through the water. Converting existence to memories. Memories to live life with. And now I stand under her looking myself in her.

25 March 2009

In dreams I stay

In dream I stay
I’m dreamer by birth
Sky my land
Water my house
Music I breathe
Love I eat
Sun my school
Moon my work
With blood I write
With you I think
Just the way
I want
I make you stay
I make you laugh
I make you cry
I hate this way
My heart sobs
How can I rule
And I feel like a fool
I hate and say
I don’t wish a prey
In my dreams
You free bird
You a lovely mare
You the air
I breathe
In me you go
And make me live
In dreams I stay.

- Nikhil ©

20 March 2009

Why I write

I write to realize
I write to analyze
I write to create
I write to destroy
I write to smile
I write to cry
I write to express
I write to be quite
I write to be with you
I write to be alone
I write to be known
I write to stay unknown
I write to breakout
I write to vend out
I write to live
I write to die
Without it I can’t survive
I write to you
Because I write for you

- Nikhil ©

19 March 2009

I feel like a man

She stands faithful
In my hands
She is set for sacrifice
She blazes herself
When my quest is high
For my satisfaction
She ruins her life
She gives me paradise
Which no one can provide
When I need her the most
She is at utmost
When waiting for someone
She’s the only one
She stands close by
In the rainy day
The winter night
And hot summer sky
My emotions she recognize
In pleasure and pain
She helps me organize
Our love story is not recognized
I am often with her in a lonely night
And she partners me when alone
She loves to the core
Her possessiveness is hardcore
With her burn she burns me too
Making sure I am nearing the end soon
Every morning she kisses me
With her in my hands
I feel like a man

Dedicated to all my smoker freinds.

- Nikhil ©


I open my heart to the lovely destiny
I have had lots of mutiny in me
But as I lay calmly in my house
I realize it’s not worth the fight
One needs to hold upright the ideas of life.
Face it with grace and pride
Watch the life when it’s on a ride
God gives you vision and a voice
Its must to act novice
Keep it open and be wise
I am taken by the surprise
Life’s on an up rise
And to fight everything
And make wrong the right
My love shall surely suffice.

- Nikhil ©

17 March 2009

7 out of 100

It’s a boring day today; I am almost on the verge of getting drowned in the boredom of regularity that I surpass everyday. And there I am back with the thoughts wandering over my mind. The expression that I cherish the most is to write of what I think, feel and all those obnoxious emotions which creates a zombie out of me and I am person different of the regularity that I follow. A split multiple personality disorder hits me. I am not the one you know.

Why do I write? This question is lingering on my mind. Interesting question and shall surely be answered. I wander through the green pasture of thoughts. I had recently read this book named the Women and Men in my life by “Khuswanth Sigh”. The way a person has professed the significance of the people in his life. I like the very thought of writing for someone, its more of concentrating on a person and burning his qualities to smoke so as to enable people to know the smoky presence of the person in your life and the intoxication.

Just the way my writing goes I remember my school days and more appropriately my English teacher. Some months ago I learned that she no more belongs to the world of living mortals. I still remember the way I was shattered in my English period, Geeta mam always had a point to raise me up and put me a heinous situation. I had no other option then to be a victim to the exceptional fluid of knowledge that she sprinkled over me. She almost made me feel like a pest in the lush green farms, the only reason for the meteoric destruction for the class.

Grammar was something which I hated the most. I cannot forget the match which I had with Geeta mam in 8th standard. I was on the batting end I had to score 35 marks to win the match and I was left with 2 balls in hand. I pulled off my socks and got ready, she came running from Garware end with the spur of moment I moved myself ahead gave a hard hit and the ball landed up beyond the ropes. There I felt like a star and for the next ball, I could gather was a single mark and thus the match winding up to 7/100. I was so drained and after 15 days I had a boxing match with my dad in which I acted like a punching bag…………..there again my dad goes bang!!! Bang!!!! I use to miss my teacher a lot at these hard hitting moments. But as much I can make an effort of writing today its all for a lesson of figure of speech that I like the most. Irony was my favorite figure of speech. Life still stands as an irony.

- Nikhil ©

13 March 2009

Fanatic wish

Something fanatic I wish to do
Raise the voice and open my heart to you
Intrude in your dreams and be with you
Get in your breath and feel the heart in you
Manipulate your mind and paint myself in you
Prejudice your judgment and put some feelings in you
Get you out of the material delight
Make you feel the real and illuminate
I shall take you of to the world
The world of unspoken
Where everything is felt and not spoken
I wish you hold me close someday
Close my eyes and in ears you say
Wake up honey it’s a lovely day
And that day shall surely come my way
If only my fanatic wish comes true.
- Nikhil ©

03 March 2009

Turning Point

It was a long raining day… I was at my balcony sipping Hot Tea and enjoying the scenic beauty. I started playing in the rain… Trying to wash off all the sorrows and worries from my life. While seeing the sky and the nature around me an old lady caught the corner of my eye.

Seemed she was waiting for someone. Old with wrinkles on her face and holding a walking stick in her hand. I thought for a moment may be she wants to go somewhere as she was looking hassled. May be she was waiting for someone because she was looking at her watch every single minute. I love grand moms and dads. I simply love the feeling of gaining so much of experience and still acting like “I don’t know anything; I am so new to it.”

I smiled and thought I should run downstairs and help her out. While I rushed downstairs I carried my jacket with me. It was my mom’s. I reached the corner of my apartments and saw she was boarding a cab. I to a certain extent didn’t like the look on the cabby’s face. He was ugly, did not carry a smile and one of those guys whom you would use to scare your kids.

I stopped there to see where this man is taking my old darling. At a signal near our ally she asked the cabbie to take a u-turn. He stopped in the middle of the road and I am sure he would have tried to act smart. But as the charm she carried I was also sure she would have convinced him.

While taking a u-turn the cab came and stood right before me. It was as though she wanted to cross the road. There sitting under a street lamp was another handsome old man. He had flowers in his hands. She took them and the gave him a kiss on his cheek and said, “Happy Anniversary Darling.’

A bus came and splashed water on the road and they disappeared. It was as though I was hallucinating. I could not understand. There was no one there. The bench however still remained. I went up to it and saw the carving on it. It said, “To my lovely wife, Happy Anniversary. You are the turning point in my life.”

I stood cold. Could not understand what to say and how to explain, for an instance I thought my mind has been playing games. I am seeing things and I definitely need a psychiatrist. I turned back and looked at my mother looking at me concerned and worried. I waved my hands and assured her I am fine.

Something struck me there and it was greater than lightning. I stood there and saw things which no one sees. I saw myself when I was born and then when I started growing up. How much my mom had loved me and how much she cared! She cried when I was hurt or was not well, she worried when I was not home on time. She was there always.

I had loved someone once and I still remember how much I have ignored my mother. I still remember disconnecting my mother’s calls when she called. I still remember ignoring her requests to go for shopping which once I enjoyed just because I had a date fixed. I still remember when I fought with my mom when I had a small quarrel with my love. I forgot everything.

While holding on to my mom’s jacket I still felt the same warmth which I felt when my mom hugged me. I still remember the day when I got dumped and I came home to get a tight hug from my mom. Without saying a word she understood something was wrong. She tells me, “sweetheart when you could not speak I could understand what you need and now that you can talk you are telling me I don’t understand you.” Bang! Her words with extreme pain and her eyes filled with tears still hit me.

I went upstairs and hugged her and said, “Mom no matter how far I go or how close you come you would and always be the only turning point in my life, sorry to have hurt you mom. I love you!”

There are Angles in your life and trust me they do touch you................................ I am touched.

- Nikhil ©

02 March 2009

I Care

It was too early you left me yesterday
I had just seen you
And was waiting for the sunshine by the bay
It was too early that you left
With your eyes I was left
It was too early to demand
My heart followed your command
It was too early to be awake
Your dreams are my stake
I know it’s too early that I felt for you
I know you won’t find it great
And ask me the reason for the silly mistake
And I wish I won’t be too late
I want to say I care

- Nikhil ©