29 March 2009

Heartrending Dedication

I feel today
Lifeless and breathless
The density of air
Full of uncertainties
Zeroing down opportunities
It’s the crunch people say
Sheets not working equal
With the left
The right doesn’t contest
Every part of it takes for a fling
Hungry country thinking attrition
Life here is a complete mismatch
Every moment of fear
A devil coming near
The aftermath is horrendous
Prejudiced is the life
Future seems at stake
The only hope that hangs
Is I shall hold it by hand
Off the hands
And off the life
People around in consideration
I wish the existing life in motion.

This is dedicated to people who are suffering trough recession and job cuts......I am completely speechless and the only way i could express was this.


  1. This is to you Lux.........i know my words will be too small to capture the pain.....but its just an effort from my end.

    @ wild child: Thanks a ton!!!! i can see people going through it.


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