03 March 2009

Turning Point

It was a long raining day… I was at my balcony sipping Hot Tea and enjoying the scenic beauty. I started playing in the rain… Trying to wash off all the sorrows and worries from my life. While seeing the sky and the nature around me an old lady caught the corner of my eye.

Seemed she was waiting for someone. Old with wrinkles on her face and holding a walking stick in her hand. I thought for a moment may be she wants to go somewhere as she was looking hassled. May be she was waiting for someone because she was looking at her watch every single minute. I love grand moms and dads. I simply love the feeling of gaining so much of experience and still acting like “I don’t know anything; I am so new to it.”

I smiled and thought I should run downstairs and help her out. While I rushed downstairs I carried my jacket with me. It was my mom’s. I reached the corner of my apartments and saw she was boarding a cab. I to a certain extent didn’t like the look on the cabby’s face. He was ugly, did not carry a smile and one of those guys whom you would use to scare your kids.

I stopped there to see where this man is taking my old darling. At a signal near our ally she asked the cabbie to take a u-turn. He stopped in the middle of the road and I am sure he would have tried to act smart. But as the charm she carried I was also sure she would have convinced him.

While taking a u-turn the cab came and stood right before me. It was as though she wanted to cross the road. There sitting under a street lamp was another handsome old man. He had flowers in his hands. She took them and the gave him a kiss on his cheek and said, “Happy Anniversary Darling.’

A bus came and splashed water on the road and they disappeared. It was as though I was hallucinating. I could not understand. There was no one there. The bench however still remained. I went up to it and saw the carving on it. It said, “To my lovely wife, Happy Anniversary. You are the turning point in my life.”

I stood cold. Could not understand what to say and how to explain, for an instance I thought my mind has been playing games. I am seeing things and I definitely need a psychiatrist. I turned back and looked at my mother looking at me concerned and worried. I waved my hands and assured her I am fine.

Something struck me there and it was greater than lightning. I stood there and saw things which no one sees. I saw myself when I was born and then when I started growing up. How much my mom had loved me and how much she cared! She cried when I was hurt or was not well, she worried when I was not home on time. She was there always.

I had loved someone once and I still remember how much I have ignored my mother. I still remember disconnecting my mother’s calls when she called. I still remember ignoring her requests to go for shopping which once I enjoyed just because I had a date fixed. I still remember when I fought with my mom when I had a small quarrel with my love. I forgot everything.

While holding on to my mom’s jacket I still felt the same warmth which I felt when my mom hugged me. I still remember the day when I got dumped and I came home to get a tight hug from my mom. Without saying a word she understood something was wrong. She tells me, “sweetheart when you could not speak I could understand what you need and now that you can talk you are telling me I don’t understand you.” Bang! Her words with extreme pain and her eyes filled with tears still hit me.

I went upstairs and hugged her and said, “Mom no matter how far I go or how close you come you would and always be the only turning point in my life, sorry to have hurt you mom. I love you!”

There are Angles in your life and trust me they do touch you................................ I am touched.

- Nikhil ©


  1. Brilliant Nikhil!!

  2. Bravo genius! Well thought. I completely agree with the pain we get from our loved one and the discomfort we get from the ones who don’t even exist. Your words are truly thoughts which tell us God made an Angel and named it Mom!

    To every mother who cares, who worries and who blesses no matter how wrong the child it. “Happy Woman’s day!” May we learn a little from them…

  3. wonderful and provoking thought.

  4. very well written nix....at times we prioritize people in our lives....but v forget tat for our mom v will alwayz be a priority....even if they r sick they wuld first think of us n then abt themselves....that wot MOM is....I love u MOM


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