22 April 2009

I miss you...

It’s been long
Haven’t seen the sky
Didn’t feel the
Breath and touch
Through words
It’s been long
Mind inscribed on sand
All emotions
Every thing chocked up
It’s been long
From the time on
Stuck with Glimpse
And the eyes
Happiness far
Light not reaching eyes
Words sweet and
Tender do fall on ears
Through all these
Days I most
Feel like a year.

This is dedicated to my dear blog, whom I have been missing like hell.

I am sorry I shall not be regularly in touch with you, because I engulfed in the vicious circle and for a change this time it’s not her eyes. It’s my work.

16 April 2009

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Heart

Shekhar was big enough to fit in the blazer. It was the only blazer which his dad had. The only blazer which was brought when his parents were getting married. Marriage was the only appropriate time when his father wore it. No other circumstance other than marriage demanded the blazer. As a child Shekhar always wished that his body would multiply and he would fit in that blazer someday.

Finally the day came when he could wear the blazer. Shekhar has just turned 18. But he didn’t feel the sense of maturity which is accorded by law. Shekhar was matured well before when he was 18. Maturity to him came suddenly the day when he realized his dad won’t have physical existence around.

Shekhar thought of celebrating his 1st valentines day in the grandest manner. He was all very excited. He started planning for this day. Blazer was given for cleansing. His dad’s bell bottom was altered to fit him. He had his hair grow irrationally to get the destined hair cut. Shekhar has planned the day and the date for the love of his life. He has arranged for chocolates, gifts.

On 14th February Shekhar packed the house with balloons. He made sure the walls where all mounted with yellow colored flowers which she liked. He was all dressed wearing the rejuvenated blazer. He had a retro styled hair cut. The altered bell bottom flawlessly rapped him. He wore on of his dad’s favorite shirt. Shekhar was sitting across the bed waiting for his sweetheart to open her eyes. The only love of his life woke up, and slowly opened her eye. She was shocked to see Shekhar’s dad in front for her, he appeared same as he was on the day of marriage. Shekhar waited till the time his mom would actually absorb the environment around. He pounced on her mom like a cub, and said “Happy Valentines Day Sweet Heart”. You are the only love of my life. Tears rolled of her cheeks. She hugged Shekhar tightly and stared at the snap of his dad which was hanging on the wall.
Photo courtesy: Inmagine

15 April 2009

I am all edged

I know I am creating an exception to the worldly regulation.
This one goes to my boss. We had a presentation today morning and he was really inspiring on how to reach highs in life. His words where so intoxicating, that by the end I was all high with an aspiration to touch the sky.

I burn with those words
I set my life on a blaze
I look at the world
With a different gaze
With the words
Which you said
Hold a distinct edge
The edge to quantify
The edge to qualify
The edge to exceed
The edge to supersede
The edge to excel
The edge to surpass
And with this
I shall cut the curse
And lead to boon
I am all edged

10 April 2009

The journey called “Life”

Through the mountain
And the terrain
Through the rain
Water across
The River, Sea and pond
In all these element
On thing remains constant
The quest to touch something
The desire to reach
High and deep within
This is the surviving point
Which I hold
The quest is to rise
The rise so high
That I am noticeable
Form a distant land
And high sky
Sink myself so deep
That I can touch
Core of you
Every element in me
Moves with a motive
The motive is lucid
Getting close to you
The journey of high
And the low
With existence of you
My journey
Will be the journey
The journey called “Life”

06 April 2009


Crippling my desires
I let my aspiration ooze out
Reminiscent of the blood
With the gust of an axe
The word
Of begin a filth
And I am distrusted
For my possession
Divine in my heart
I am being waved
By the signal
Will you reach the star?
I fight against those words
I fight against myself
I fight for the love
That I have nurtured
Is that love the holy
Or its just mischievous sprite
I smolder in the rage
Disagreement of truth
And love in me
Ashes freezing
Motionless Mind
Thoughts give up the ghost
I see my remains
Was it really worth
The fight for you
I fought.

I run

I run for the glory
I run for the love
I run for the name
I run for the meet
I run for the charity
I run from the fear
I run for the Mistry
I run for the history
I run for the duty
I run for the beauty
I run to go up
I run to get down
I run for the smile
I run for the tear
I run to go far
I run to come near
I run through the dirt
I run through the rag
I run through the meadow
I run through the wood
I run through the river
I run through the sea
I run to get you
I run to reach you
I don’t know if I am there
Please hold me
I am still running.

No Matter how far or deep the destiny is.

I shall run......

03 April 2009

Survival Instinct

A tree dies of fatal touch
A lethal smile
Pretentious are people and wishes
Fake is the attitude and intentions
Plastic is mending all over again
I see oranges tasting like mangoes
I see rain and pain pondering
I see water and happiness evaporate
I see people masking and wearing faces
I see promises on float
I see devil behind the smile
In the deep dark forest
A small tree in me gazes on the sky
A ray of hope keeps me soaring
I wish to fight the poison around
Happiness shall accomplish the light
And I shall craft the air to breath
Force the survival and make you live

02 April 2009

Why today I have no words

Why today I have no words
Nothing to do no action to take
No dreams and destination
Everything seems shattered
Dedications made to you
Seems like never have mattered
Open your heart to me
I shall burn like no blood in me
I shall be like a block of wood
Craft me the way you want
Make me smile make me cry
Make sure you hang me in your house
Let me there to watch you
In sorrows pain and happiness
Just a mute spectator
Make me the company
Or just touch me
Bring me to life
To listen, cry laugh with you
Engulf my life around you
I wish to be open of what I hold for you
I love you I need you.
I wish to speak these words
Ignorant and disdain
Again and Again
Why today I have no words
I still hang in your house
Waiting to be alive.

Dual micro touch.

 I saw her in those lonely hours of darkness. Drenched in her beauty I lost the boundaries of life beyond existence. I was in love. Yes true love with no obsession to acquire.

 I told her I shall be there sharp at 7 pm. I was almost there on time. I saw her waiting for me at the table. She was elegantly sitting with a bouquet of flowers. I ran past her barely giving her a smile. Nothing was more satisfying than those few seconds with the pot. Nature has its own way of handling human behavior.