16 April 2009

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Heart

Shekhar was big enough to fit in the blazer. It was the only blazer which his dad had. The only blazer which was brought when his parents were getting married. Marriage was the only appropriate time when his father wore it. No other circumstance other than marriage demanded the blazer. As a child Shekhar always wished that his body would multiply and he would fit in that blazer someday.

Finally the day came when he could wear the blazer. Shekhar has just turned 18. But he didn’t feel the sense of maturity which is accorded by law. Shekhar was matured well before when he was 18. Maturity to him came suddenly the day when he realized his dad won’t have physical existence around.

Shekhar thought of celebrating his 1st valentines day in the grandest manner. He was all very excited. He started planning for this day. Blazer was given for cleansing. His dad’s bell bottom was altered to fit him. He had his hair grow irrationally to get the destined hair cut. Shekhar has planned the day and the date for the love of his life. He has arranged for chocolates, gifts.

On 14th February Shekhar packed the house with balloons. He made sure the walls where all mounted with yellow colored flowers which she liked. He was all dressed wearing the rejuvenated blazer. He had a retro styled hair cut. The altered bell bottom flawlessly rapped him. He wore on of his dad’s favorite shirt. Shekhar was sitting across the bed waiting for his sweetheart to open her eyes. The only love of his life woke up, and slowly opened her eye. She was shocked to see Shekhar’s dad in front for her, he appeared same as he was on the day of marriage. Shekhar waited till the time his mom would actually absorb the environment around. He pounced on her mom like a cub, and said “Happy Valentines Day Sweet Heart”. You are the only love of my life. Tears rolled of her cheeks. She hugged Shekhar tightly and stared at the snap of his dad which was hanging on the wall.
Photo courtesy: Inmagine


  1. *goosebumps*
    very touching..
    and btw thanks for stopping by!:)

  2. it was BEUtiful!!lovely!!really touching..
    n thanks for dropping by my blog

  3. @ Raji: Thanks so much
    @ Swati i am more than happy visiting blogs of my fellow bloggers.

  4. hand me a hanky yaar... [wiping the tears now]... :)

  5. Loved this post. it's a very touchy story.. keep up the good job!

  6. @ ApocalypsE: This is somw what your way of writing.
    @ ~*wILd chILd*~ : where were you all this while buddy really missed those heart-throbbing verbiage.

  7. hey..this is sweet!
    perfect for mother's day :)

  8. A very nicely written story. :) U write well.


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