06 April 2009

I run

I run for the glory
I run for the love
I run for the name
I run for the meet
I run for the charity
I run from the fear
I run for the Mistry
I run for the history
I run for the duty
I run for the beauty
I run to go up
I run to get down
I run for the smile
I run for the tear
I run to go far
I run to come near
I run through the dirt
I run through the rag
I run through the meadow
I run through the wood
I run through the river
I run through the sea
I run to get you
I run to reach you
I don’t know if I am there
Please hold me
I am still running.

No Matter how far or deep the destiny is.

I shall run......


  1. hey .. this is nice.... cant think of ant lacuna.. good work.. keep it up.. cheers..

  2. reminds me of Forrest Gump ~ run Forrest run :D

  3. Yes i felt the same when i was writing. Moreover it's about my run to prove a fact in existence before it erodes out.


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