05 January 2012

Theory 2 - Emotions Manifest to the Situation

May be again an analysis of human emotion. In my earlier theory  Alternate-Current-Direct-Current is the one in which I have made an attempt to compare people with the types of current. Unfortunately none of my theories are recognized and haven’t been so famous nonetheless let me go on with it. I have to make my effort of pulling the sun down to break the dark vicious circle; I shall forever be diligent with this effort.

Human emotion is one of the most spoken, most debated, most loved issues and shall ever be an eternal and celstial topic of discussion. I think an emotion is emoted in harmony with the situation you go through. Like for example, I feel the best of my emotion for my mum when I come across and situation in a movie or otherwise which touches that particular area where I am nurtured with her love. Like wise I feel exhilarated when I see a true love happing to anybody.

The theory that I intend to portrait is that emotions aren’t static, they manifest with every situation, and what I have just mentioned is nothing but the common sense. But unfortunately we miss this common fact and stick ourselves with the same emotion all through the day or month or year or eternity depending on our grasping capacity to understand the common sense. And when you are surpassing the ally of deep pain while your journey through the emotion you tend to inflict people around you either consciously or sub-consciously. Thus spreading the fatal epidemic and killing the natural theory of "Emotions manifest according to the situation". We as humans have grown so smart over ages that in order to feel a particular emotion we create a hypothetical situation and then rogger ourselves through it.

The Moral of the theory is to stay and emote as and when a situation demands.

Be sincere and not serious (The phrase mentioned belongs to Chetan Bhagat but the theory is the potent output of my psyche)

Life is one such story

Countless unaccomplished thoughts smacked me
So ferocious is the urge to tear apart and to fly
Clutched in the morbid mind I can’t see the sky
Why this happened, why I am impatient
I detained it in me for just too long
Because I thought it would make me strong
But in me he burns with the rage
Go by the moral said the old sage
Morals are what we look from a story
But some stories don’t even have a story
Life is one such story.