18 April 2014

Life a template

Although the whole phenomena of living the life at the fullest extent seems only possible, visible and realizable in the self help books, articles & videos. Indeed they inspire each one of us at the initial stage in the best possible extend, as strongly as the wave thumps the shore just to eradicate the existence of the shore. It is vital to note that how many such waves do we generate and what is the recurrence? What happens to the impact made? Is it gone in few seconds, minutes, may be days, at max a week what after that. Well it’s a natural phenomena for things to cool down. And for cool things to melt and melted to vaporize. Why and what is the level of impact do I need to have the perennial effect of my efforts and constant recurrence to break the shore apart and enter the land. Well nothing much actually, and the way out is what i will share in my upcoming blogs. we all live by templates in life. The book we read the video that we saw is a template made readily available. We all find exactly the same Rahul and Simran in our life. But the Rahul in the movie is not the same Rahul in reality. Rahul is only demonstrated in the moments where he is best. But we seldom miss the fact that Rahul might have thought of cheating at least once from the time he fell in love with Simran and thats just an example which comes handy and hits directly because it deals with this sensitive topic called "love". There is a template for everything available Love, marriage, romance, happiness, anger you name it and you get it. Perfect Template for love is equal to flowers, gifts, wine. And we all monotonously follow the these templates, we look at templates available and well demonstrated by others. Breaking template or may be building one is the most difficult or innovative task to do in life. Ever since we are born we have been made to understand things through templates. At the end of the story there is no moral left, it’s just the story. We live in the story. Such stories that I have read in the past I am still there. The Clever Crow. Even the crow has satisfied the quest. I am both thirsty and hungry at the same moment. Some templates to aspiration do come through random act of kindness and no zero day. The idea is to create your template. But it needs brains and something’s beyond. Forget it! Live in the Template its easier that ways.