18 August 2014

Donkey – A Success Story!

Mirror above!! Be careful of what you see.

I am a donkey. Not because of my earlier post on Viagra, if you try to find the connection between a Donkey and Viagra, and in case you find the connection then you are divine and urgently need a psychic treatment.

Let’s discuss Donkey in detail and some of his characteristics and build a co-relation. That’s the purpose of this post. A donkey knows to kick things away from him. Donkey is a beast of burden. They literary don’t have brains (based on the folklore). They are stupid enough to drown themselves in to the dark.

Remember the donkey story carrying salt on his back crossing the river, mistakenly he sat down once crossing the river realizing that the weight was reduced, he did it every time going forward that’s the “Template”. We stick to something that soothes us and stick with it for life. The master (Situation) plays it smarts he replaces the same with cotton and then you are stuck.

What frustrates a Donkey?

A Donkey gets frustrated when he doesn’t have the answer to the known or a similar situation. Once he is stuck in the aforesaid situation a Donkey relies on the advice of another Donkey. So typical of Donkey!

In this moment the Donkey actually starts kicking things away, No I can’t do it, I can’t find the time to do it, I don’t have the ability to do it, and finally you are a Donkey so you will find an appropriate excuse to match the situation. But in these days a Donkey fails to understand that he is a Donkey and has to work hard to achieve something. Understood Donkey!

Why am I a Donkey?

Unlike the success stories told to me, the personified personality makes me visualize him to be a Lion. But sooner I tried to be a Lion in the given set of situations I actually felt like a Donkey. What is the real secret? The truth is always concealed in a manner that you are deceived by the glorious words. I struck a jackpot only after a million times when I was made to feel like a Donkey. And you know what the jackpot is I realized that “I am Donkey Yes I am a Donkey!!!!! The moment you become aware of it you have found the path.

What should a Donkey do?

A Donkey should be like a Donkey. Once you get this primary understanding (I am Donkey) you are then on the verge of becoming a real Donkey. However real is not easily realizable. To achieve the real it takes a lot of performance. And this fact that you are actually a Donkey is so hard hitting that you might not want to be one, probably you need a personified version of a Donkey. But the fact is you are Donkey. Look and analyze the situation you are in now. Do an RCA (root cause analysis) to reach to a conclusion. Hello Donkey!!!!

Understand that Donkeys are the beast of burden and have to always work hard. Hard work has no substitute; the most commonly used self help jargon. Every person who is successful is a true Donkey, because he has worked hard, walked through the woods several times to find that one shortcut, he would never tell you how many times he has failed. “Appreciate people who share their failure, but never embrace their failure”. Start working without kicking.

How to be a real Donkey?

The basic premises basis which you need to start is that I don’t have brains. Which means you have actions! Brain is parasite it will find ways to feed you on others actions. Don’t fall for it, short term is glorious, but in the long run one who is working for you will takeover. It has always been the case, read the history. Do you feel like a Donkey now??? Good!!! That means you agree and are on the path to glory.

Stop kicking things and this will only happen if you think you can do it. So if you are in an alien land what will you do? Start the search in finding which is more relevant to you. Start figuring out than kicking, it’s only when you start will you reach, and even if you don’t you know the way it’s ok. You now know the way which is wrong. (Thanks to all the inspiring What’s App status)

Kicking according to me is relevant in some cases as well, being a donkey you shall eventually learn what to kick and what not to kick. Self defense is the best attack. Anyone who tries to kill your self esteem, confidence, moral and physical existence, deserves to be kicked, I mean like really hard.

Be ready to carry the weight. You aren’t doing a favor on anyone. You are carrying the weight for yourself. Learn the harder way because that’s how you learn, remember your childhood. What comes harder; stays longer, for people who have achieved love after a lot of persuasion would realize it much better.

Our forefathers deceived us, we are actually Donkeys. Welcome to a new learning Donkey. Be Donkey. Be a beast of burden. Be without brain. And one day you will be the Donkey that the world would term as successful.