16 April 2010


The tinsel town of Mumbai can offer you more of mental room than physical space. That’s the paradoxical situation for people who stay in Mumbai. Ashok was born to Pandurang and Shevanta bai the only child who could lead the legacy of Jadhav family after the fatal blow of 4 sisters in the year 1981 the year of glories the cotton business was flourishing and had captivated more than 25% of people staying in Mumbai. A lot of them being emigrant from diverse parts of Maharashtra, mostly from them from the coastal area of Konkan. These migrations had happened over a period of 3 decades and some families had two generation staying together already. They were allotted housing these housing were small two room apartment with a common balcony and toilet. The common balcony offered a glimpse of each family its members their shades, agony, worries, distress, grief it was a colorful place with all colors of human emotion. Ashok grew with all the luxuries his mom and dad could offer and afford he was person with a baton in hand to move the legacy he was to be respected and taken care of for the Jadhav family sake.

Ashok grew up to be pampered child and as a theory, he was wasted to the core as the only one to the heart of his parents. Ashok grew old but the parental guidance was stiff enough to waste him out. He studied in the best of the college in town. He graduated without any hustles, in that sense making his parents proud. The family went through eddies, but not that fatal blows that they can’t sustain in Mumbai. Finally Ashok had acquired a job and from then he was certainly an eligible candidate to be subject to the ritual a bachelor and most importantly the family awaits for. Sheela was the companion chosen by him and his parents. Sheela was a tanned beauty and had a holistic feature that can hook on Ashok. They started living with the family and started occupying the small habitat, but in few months they realized that the small habitat deprived them of the large privacy they need to fructify their marriage. They both had discussed about it but financial constraints didn’t allow them to take that herculean step to gain the much desired privacy.

Ashok was thoroughly depressed and expressed this depression to one of his friend Lalit. Lalit suggested him a place where he can satisfy his quest. Ashok initially declined to be in such a place, but as the time passed by he saw this thought marinating in him. Finally one day he decided to be there. Ashok was so unfortunate for that specific day; the place was raided by the cops. Everyone present in this place was arrested and taken to the police station.

At the police station men and women where asked to stand in different rows facing each other. Ashok and Sheela saw each other standing with a blank face.

Dear readers I leave it to you to decide of what could be the possible situation.

09 April 2010

Insane is Sane

Being insane is most sane, it was always been the same way. People and friend who are successful have insanely followed their dreams. I somehow lost though of my insanity and thus was going crazy. Now i am back to the insanity but in the most anonymous manner. Though the fear of people indentifying your thought, and making a perception is much fatal. One should be insane about the sanest thing in your life, it can be a person of an object of desire. Every Genius is with a touch of madness, I don’t claim the term Genius here but I might just make my way through it. The road is to be enjoyed than the desire to reaching a destination. The destination passes by and you just don’t realize it. it’s a constant flux. Every second a destination changes and thus the journey never ends. Follow the insanity. Sanity might fall for you........Be Insane to be sane.

07 April 2010

Purely coincidental as it may seem

Purely coincidental as it seems
Incidences are not just they seem
Nothing just happens
Everything that happens has a reason
And therefore…..I am alive too
Purely coincidental as it may seem

Broken hearts and tears around
Note the coincidence that surrounds
If you cannot face the pain
Your old self....You'll never regain!
You might blame it on the game
But if you don’t learn...the incident might happen again
Purely coincidental as it may seem

I remember the time I met her,
I remember the eyes that looked into mine!
But the thought of coincidence, my heart refrain,
And now with wounded heart my eyes rain...
Don't blame it on just happening things
Life is not coincidence as it may seem.