09 April 2010

Insane is Sane

Being insane is most sane, it was always been the same way. People and friend who are successful have insanely followed their dreams. I somehow lost though of my insanity and thus was going crazy. Now i am back to the insanity but in the most anonymous manner. Though the fear of people indentifying your thought, and making a perception is much fatal. One should be insane about the sanest thing in your life, it can be a person of an object of desire. Every Genius is with a touch of madness, I don’t claim the term Genius here but I might just make my way through it. The road is to be enjoyed than the desire to reaching a destination. The destination passes by and you just don’t realize it. it’s a constant flux. Every second a destination changes and thus the journey never ends. Follow the insanity. Sanity might fall for you........Be Insane to be sane.


Few words i have few words i need. Dont hesitate your IQ is at stake.