07 April 2010

Purely coincidental as it may seem

Purely coincidental as it seems
Incidences are not just they seem
Nothing just happens
Everything that happens has a reason
And therefore…..I am alive too
Purely coincidental as it may seem

Broken hearts and tears around
Note the coincidence that surrounds
If you cannot face the pain
Your old self....You'll never regain!
You might blame it on the game
But if you don’t learn...the incident might happen again
Purely coincidental as it may seem

I remember the time I met her,
I remember the eyes that looked into mine!
But the thought of coincidence, my heart refrain,
And now with wounded heart my eyes rain...
Don't blame it on just happening things
Life is not coincidence as it may seem.

1 comment:

  1. its very true life cannot be a coincidence...well put.....

    In a beautiful way u made me feel the pain with which u rote it


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