11 March 2011


Don't know why and how the freaking breakdown happens, is this the creation of the almighty or just consequential theory of relatively leading to such disaster. The global warming is suggestively not the only reason, but why me is the question I ask, and the answer follows in echo’s through thousands and millions of words hitting my ears, making me understand the imprudence of the thoughts referred by the Sigmend Frued' iceberg theory, the I'd the ego and the super ego all are on a vacation and travelling to Miami beach, east coast is a bit difficult because the watches there run in different hemisphere. But why me only I ask the god and the reason that could be because I am on the equator and the latitude doesn't match the longitude and I am entangled in the geographical terminologies, with the sun on me I feel standing under the microscope and being observed, and I am being commanded to die cause the nucleus in me committed a crime of not being satisfactorily performing the service and servicing the bond according to the terms and conditions laid down by the customs and traditions of this earth. But notwithstanding the foregoing and subject to the privilege accorded by law, the infringement into the dreams shall be charged with the liquidated damages not amounting to the life, and shall not restrict the indirect damage. Though I love the food and respect the feeling of it that it satisfies the quest and helps us being alive, I remember Nostradamas came in my dream and we went to his theories of existence in accordance with the applicable psychological content subject to human behavior, not that this is written with an intent of an intentional mind, but my folks will truly find one. This bondage outrages all the boundaries and has Crossed the line of control, but one still has to control cause we are not in a position now to take the next communal violence, though a lot of it might be random and vague but this is how shit is all about after being extracted of all the nutritious value.