24 January 2009

When I took up writing I was completely unsure of what I wanted to write I just started writing randomly and realised that I was in presnt for a moment and then in past and a the next phrase in future. I was tenesed with why is this happening and I do not hold command over the language. But then I realised if I obey the rules of language I shall never express and with an effort to express my feeling I landed up writing something which is written below.

Intense with tenses

When I write I realise
I am tensed about tenses
Back in the school days
I had no sense about tense
Relived when I found
Expressions are devoid of tense
So now not tensed about tense
I shall express the intense.

- Nikhil ©

21 January 2009

Ultimate Emotion

Ascending aspiration
Undivided inspiration
To win is the intention
Ferocious ambition
Motiveless action
Insane reaction
In me is the vibration
To excel, outcaste is the motivation
In all attention
I have lost compassion
The divine passion
“Love” the ultimate emotion.
- Nikhil ©

19 January 2009

"Plain Me"

I the plain paper
Put an abstract in your mind,
Scratch and fumble on me
You might land up finding yourself in me
Some lines careless, would speak about me
Some dotted gesture would stop you
And the crossed line would revitalize
And the relation divine
Between you and me
The shades of life
Like a colorful strife
Bright sunny day
The wet rainy night
Like the blossom
And the shedding leaves
The morning dew
Put the words on me
You might find you in me.......

- Nikhil ©

16 January 2009


I want you in my life

No matter how much I fight

I wish to hold you tight

And make you feel the heavenly delight

My word might go wrong

Phrases that I say might not be strong

Some things I say never make sense

At times you doubt my intelligence

And you still listen to the long non-sense

And it’s your love for me is what I sense

But what I hold in my heart

Is true and ethical

Cause my love for you shall ever be immortal

- Nikhil ©

14 January 2009

I am what I am

To you with love......

I am what I should not be,
Wanted to be someone and could not be
Busy in the world like honey bee
I forgot what I ought to be
The fight that I have in me
Is insanely killing me
Every moment of deep pain
Agitation aggression all in vain
With all limbs crippled
I have a pain to nibble
I ought not to be bad in nasty
But I better be true
Of what I am
I am what I am

- Nikhil ©

09 January 2009

Look Look Look

Look look look
Look back to me
Crazy thing that I have done in me
The little time I spent with you
And centuries revolve around you
your lovely site shall suffice
And a stroke to live life

Look look look
I am always watching you
and feeling you
Painting a picture of you
But there is nothing that can glue
We both are different
Me and you

Look look look
If you look back in the times
You will see eyes watching you
Old and wrinkled face
Since eras and age
Let me off the cage
My heart is on a carnage.

Look look look
You will have nothing to look
You will feel the emptiness
I shall still watch you
Create and illusion for you
I shall for ever be there for you.

- Nikhil ©