16 January 2009


I want you in my life

No matter how much I fight

I wish to hold you tight

And make you feel the heavenly delight

My word might go wrong

Phrases that I say might not be strong

Some things I say never make sense

At times you doubt my intelligence

And you still listen to the long non-sense

And it’s your love for me is what I sense

But what I hold in my heart

Is true and ethical

Cause my love for you shall ever be immortal

- Nikhil ©


  1. A poem by Gulzar...thought u'd like it!

    And suddenly
    a fierce gust of wind surged into my room
    unleashing a storm
    The curtains flapped wildly, scattered
    the glassware on the table
    Its pages aflutter, a book hurriedly covered its face
    The inkpot dived, festooned
    blank sheets with colour
    The pictures on the walls craned their necks in surprise
    to cast a glance upon you

    Come again
    like this

    and engulf
    my room.


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