31 January 2011

Mumbai Mera Humdum

Khabhi hummdard

Khabhi beedard

Khabhi baseera

Khabhi awaraa

Khabhi hosh

Khabhi behosh

Khabhi mast

Khabhi sussth

Khabhi tandrust

Khabhi tanha

Khabhi sangeet

Khabhi manmeet

Khabhi caahn

Khabhi raaha

Khabhi zindagi

Khabhi maut

Inn saab se hai hum

In saab mein hai hum

Mumbai mera humdum.

05 January 2011


All the bad luck that I have today because I have broken the link of the fortune email from (god@gmail.com) that had come my way. This e-mail came to me with a disclaimer stating that it might do double the bad, than the good ……………. And I deleted that mail. But I don’t regret it a bit, If that’s the case then I better satisfy myself with the completely unfortunate situation by breaking the vicious circle of fortune emails. At least I will attend the complete dissatisfaction and bad luck. Wow I think I am close to nirvana, the completeness of something. I am close to you my dear sender.