03 May 2014

Time Please

I take the liberty of revealing few facts about myself. I profoundly waste my time. “Being Busy” is the perception I create and I am very close to “Being Human” that ways. I am certain that I am not an exception. And I know that’s true in your case too. If you are the exception and still reading this then I am delighted and thank you for the heaven like feeling.

“kaam ho ya na ho! Time nahin hai mera pass” (Whatever the case maybe; I don’t have time). This is the attitude we have. We create this vacuum of timelessness and that doesn’t allow the heat to bypass, or the energies to explode (remember the age old concept of a thermos). The self created paucity of time is a suicide note we write on daily basis. This paucity of time helps us in alienating from our achievements.

"Waqt hota nahin hai, nikalna padta hai… nikalna padta hai" (One never has time, we have to make efforts to squeeze the time out - Anil Kapoor’s Movie: Teezab) It is essential to pause a bit and think if we are in template scenario again, continuing the mundane which is inflicted. In this fast paced professional life we all are marching zombies. Break the vicious circle be a human take a “Time please”. The only time when you pause is the time of self introspection, time to think, time to imagine, time to ideate, time to gather thoughts, time to find yourself and yes finally start. Start the fresh life again. Start for what you have been aiming for in life. And if you at some point in time feel down or low it’s so easy just ask for a “Time Please”

“Time Please” is not a distress button which helps some enzymes to overflow in your body to make you feel energetic in a spell. Imagine yourself being a painter, would you in one go finish the painting, wouldn’t you pause and see if it’s just what you thinking is what you painting, wouldn’t you feel the need to step back and check the colors. And every time you take the “Time Please” you make it better. So you are the Painter already start coloring your life.

"Hum tumhe maarenge, aur zaroor maarenge ... lekin woh bandook bhi hamari hogi, goli bhi hamari hogi aur waqt bhi hamara hoga."( I will kill you, and will kill you for sure ... but that gun will be mine, the bullet will be mine and the time will be mine - Raaj Kumar Movie: Saudagar) Don’t let time kill you. You take the first step. Wait for a while when we are the process of creating our lives. It’s important that we value the time. The best way to value time is to give it time, and how do we do that. Let’s begin with small things how have we wasted or may be invested (if that makes you feel good) our time today. Devote just five minutes in a day to analyze, and before we do that lets keep one thing in mind, not to think anything negative. It’s good to have good thought initially, later once you get used to analyze slowly you can move to deeper level, just as onion layer after another.

As a kid while playing I seldom used the “time please” in a situation where I was stuck or when I knew that I was about to lose or plan an exit. The trick is to ask for “time please”. And it’s a trick initially when you have to deceive others with the fact that you are actually busy, sooner you will realize that you are gaining the time by pausing the time. Imagine a clock that you can pause, you would live longer. It’s the very same concept that works with “Time please”. Times up for me need to Start.