30 June 2010


Why does society bind us in the most complicated trap and expects us to be happy about it. I think the society has its own way of making you strong. A person learns so many things, to love, to care to do so many things. Even if one doesn’t desire to do so. I think a situation teaches us the very same thing to behave and act in the sane mind in the most insane situation. The only thing that helps you sail through is that you’re the most important person in his or her life. The moment this charm losses it is the ending of a relationship. Feeling important and to be made felt important is the most vital thing, basis which a human being and a relationship survives. People who disown the importance are of no more importance to the society. It’s an insane truth. It’s like a bondage you have to bear the pain to experience the orgasm

12 June 2010

And then he took out his gun, aimed at her head.....

It was horrifying to note that Shweta will win over him. He was almost shattered by this thought, and the same acted as a fuel to put her down to prove his victory. All this while he had noticed what had gone wrong, and situations where based to make him feel as a person of low self esteem. He had always won in all the situations may it be usage of pleasantly verbiage, or just portraying the power of stronger sex. But he failed to understand why all of a sudden wind has changed its path. And the power of denial and acceptance was no more in his ambit. It was all dark and he was shattering through the house to look for her, there he finds Shweta hiding in the closet. He calmly treaded to her and said it’s your turn now I am the thief and you are the cop. And then he took out his gun, aimed at her head.

This post marks as a century to me..................

09 June 2010

The Umbrella

She was soaked in water and the rain drank her tears. She was waiting for something magical to happen. She then felt the way she was protected with the company of the lost. She was melted with the thought, what her mother would offer her. you lost it the 2nd time in this rainy season.