31 December 2008

Final Resolution 2009

2008 is has ended. The year has taught us many things in our personal as well as social life. 2009 The New Year is to be welcomed with all great thoughts, enthusiasm, new promises, new deadlines, and new lines of hope. When it comes to building something new what is needed is lot of discipline and attention to the newly laid down rule. This process of setting up the new deadline, new lines of hope in the initial days of a new year is generally known as Resolution.

Resolution according to me is Re-Solution to the existing problem. Re-Solution in the New Year is like waging a war with a charged up army, with its moral high all boosted up to kill its enemy. Re-Solution is the battle lead by a new commander young strong powerful with lots of hope strength and aspirations.

If we analyze this concept of resolution we find resolution as a tool of self improvisation, rebuilding, redeveloping an existing vision, a thought left behind, and a thought which is vital for our existence. We had so many resolutions in 2008, but we hardly or merely succeeded in finding the complete solution for them. But when we look back in 2008, we see ourselves in a much better position now, to take over, succeed, excel, outgrow with the resolution that we will have for 2009. Most of our resolutions are more or less common compared to the resolution in the past years. We all have put an effort all these years to kill over the evil and find the complete solution, our efforts to find the complete solution has surely multiplied, 2009 shall be the year of final blow and we shall all attain the desired.

Life swings as a pendulum between resolutions to resolutions every year. 2009 shall be year of getting off the magnetic field and stop the momentum of the evil around us. So let’s have a Re-solution and with the lubricant of effort end few of the recurring resolutions. We the people, the state wish no recurring incidence, experiences, exploitation, terrorism and yes Re-solution.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2009

- Nikhil ©

29 December 2008

Thanks Amrita

I am traveling back to my office after almost a week’s time, and this bus journey is really pleasant it’s a late winter morning around 11 am. It was a recovering week for me; I was encircled in the sickness and had landed in beautiful experience of Loud in Life. An old couple thought me a loud lesson of being loud in life. The most unraveling journey of meeting her in ward no 11 (my first ever effort of writing love story). This journey was through the nothingness, boredom, idleness, and tasteless food, but episodes like Ward no 11, Loud in life really helped add spice and flavor to my life.

With few rounds at the hospital I realized the strict routine of sickness, which everyone has to surpass and with the age it’s an inevitable episode. In this time of complete physical rest my mind was optimally occupied with lovely thoughts and my empty had really turned into a workshop. I made my mind run over some issues that we often think but restrain from sharing. I made some effort to put my thoughts about lust, one night stand. I indulged into a lot of films the last week. I was never so religious about watching movies in theater and last week was almost like a limica book of records for me, in a week 2 movies. Gajani all I derived from the promotion of the movie was how to have a toned body in a year’s time. The movie is highly romantic/violent, it was better than any other movie of the times. Rab ne Bana Di Jodi; I actually cursed Rabji to put a thought in me to watch the movie. I am sorry Rabji.

The Sunday evening ended just rightly, Amrita really nursed me back to health, rejuvenated me from the abrasion and pain inflicted by Rab ne Bana Di Jodi. Amrita’s soothing effect was revitalizing. It was since a long time I wanted to watch “Tumhari Amrita”. The elegance of Shaban Azmi and passionate voice of Farooque Shaikh a perfect blend and a love story wow!!!!!! We are speechless when we are touched and I felt it to the core. My week ended with Amrita, from Tumhari Amrita she is now “Meri Amrita”.

- Nikhil ©

27 December 2008

One Night Stand

I go mad

When I think of the night gone by

It all started with just a “Hi”

Bear tequila and Long island

Her lovely eyes took me high

Her attention and…… was on the fly

With her the waves came more

I realized I was off the shore

All the water rounded

With her I was surrounded

When I went near, I saw no fear

Her eyes had a shy and blink

With her I turned pink

And with passion we were one

Then came sun with a tender ray

I looked in her eyes and I asked her to stay

But for me & her it was just another day.

- Nikhil ©

25 December 2008

Daddu Tum

As father as God

He is there with a nod

When I want him the most

He is at the utmost

I can reach him in pain

And lovely memories to regain

With his rage I am scattered

For him the report card mattered

He tells me stories

To keep away the worries

With his grey hair

He stands near

Just a shout

And he is always here......

- Nikhil ©

23 December 2008


When I think of the instance

That we enjoy

My mind goes nuts

So many plans and actions we deployed

Morals and ethics all set off

Left with only you and I

The close we grow closer we need

Every part of the body needs touch indeed

The sweat, the heat, the action

Blemish and those heavenly wounds

In the night when your are not besides

I look at the wounds, touch and feel

The pleasure the Pain

And wish the exquisite episode happens again.........

- Nikhil ©

20 December 2008

Loud in Life

I was silent

And gained nothing

Without speaking

Expected everything

The old companion was loud

Because deaf was the husband

And their noise

Created dismay

But they loudly thought me a lesson

You have to be loud

And publish the pain

Be open & thunderous

Of what you think

And people around

Would start noticing

The love the pain you hold within.

I saw this couple at the hospital today and heard clearly the random topic on which they both were speaking. They both loudly thought me a lesson of being Loud in Life, and helped me with a little strenght that i needed at that time.

- Nikhil ©

14 December 2008

Theory 1 - Alternate Current & Direct Current AC & DC

I have put an effort of comparing human mortals with the electricity, strange fact is we are sometimes compared with what we have made or done in our life, and that completely leaves us a way to excel. Alternate current and Direct current I wish to put my understanding about these terms, which would help me facilitate to put through my thoughts. The meaning I share or express shall be different from its original context. Current or electricity as I understand is the source of energy. It's an energy which is in existence in an invisible form, still this invisible thing stands strong and powerful. At times it makes me think anything that's invisible has tremendous power and has the convenience to take control of our life. There are various invisible elements which mould our life and a few to name are God, Air, Unforeseen Force (Love), Fear, intuition, telepathy.

There are people who get inspired and influenced by a one time inspiration in there life, and there life moves with the acquired motivation. These are the people who signify the direct current, there inspiration stays intact and are not diverted. Few qualities that I would like to mention are these people won’t get affected by anything small and won’t be moved. They have a fixed amount of choice and tastes and they hardly venture into something new. But when people like these get affected it gets very difficult for them to regain normality, and they go into a major depression. I have come across very few people of these types. I would signify this with a diagram.
The mental frequency remains stagnant and is un-diverted the line marked as DC signifies the same.
I am happy to discuss other type of people because I am the part of it. People like me have an instant source of inspiration. The source of inspiration keeps on changing, like a powerful inspiration over shadowing the weaker one. There are always highs and lows in there life, they might feel happy for sometime and suddenly there is something which takes them off the world. People with creative nature are the most effected because the thought process runs so fast, they are unable to convey what they really feel, and what they really feel also keeps on changing from time to time. Uncertainty is the certain thing is there life. But all in all these people are very fun loving they just keep on moving from highs to lows and lows to high, thus making them highly social. People like me or for that matter people like us might fall in love for anything, and with anyone, because they don’t compare, they just have to love when they are in love. Trust me people have so much of power in them that they can convert a stupid into blog writer, also a poet to an extend. They find ways of conveying feelings to there loved ones but being shy species they use alternate method, can u please help me write my love on the paper. “Neat n Clean”
The following diagram signifies alternate current
Just as electricity is equally important, there are people around me who make my life complete with there DC (Direct Current) and AC (Alternate Current). Some people have the DC and can have impact on me up to 440 volts. And others with AC up to 100 volts but they can hit me almost four times in a day.
Be the highest voltage in my life and let it be alternate after every interval………..
- Nikhil ©

12 December 2008

Journey within

When I look at you
I look in me
The journey that I do within me.

Mysteries of nature
And glare in your eyes
I find rain, wind, sun……in me.

The deeper I am
I realize
Those are just your lovely eyes

Deep blue
Vicious circle
In a Déjà vu I am encircled

With the time
Round and round
The more I saw the less I found

When I close my eyes
There is nothing to find
The glorious life just unwinds.

- Nikhil ©

05 December 2008

Mr & Mrs. Fernandez

It was a normal day for me yesterday as aligned as daily routine. I spent most of my day in an around an agreement and also with my virtual friend. I felt a little bad when few or my words rendered the virtual unspoken, which the virtual disliked. Just as usual I do, I spinned to develop into a “SorryMan”. I tender my apologies to the virtual. I had spoken to a friend of mine and articulated my anxiety to learn jive, salsa, and I had an opportunity to be at this place at Bandra. This is an old East Indian Gymkhana, which gives a historic feel. We entered a big hall with lots of huge fans, they were swinging around as if inspecting everyone to be in high spirits. We occupied the table which would render handiness of a clear vision. We settled ourselves with the customary gulp of a beer. With the beer followed the traditional round of ham n cheese with chicken. I was a little skeptical about how; a dull looking place would suddenly turn into a fertile ground for breeding amateur and trained dancers.

After some time the karaoke started and an old gentleman started singing with his heavy voice “Come in my life” and he almost moved the audience to his voice. He created waves and I actually felt myself moving to it. There was a couple on the other end of the hall, quite calm and composed. I am always fascinated with faces and people who are composed and calm. When I see a calm person, there is a thunderous clatter in me which moves me. The couple sitting in the corner had caught my eye. I noticed them watching deep inside each other with no external elements affecting them. I just thought my vision would obstruct there journey within. This couple really gave me a hard-hitting time and I had to wrestle with myself of me being single, never was the retaliation so hard, but I was happy that it’s a symbol of change and I know for sure things will change. All these thoughts took me off the party hall in solitary, but suddenly people around started dancing. I was back from my own fairy land to the jovial existence around me. I saw the couple dancing; they started a bit late. I got attracted to them because they weren’t making any fantastic moves; they weren’t marking there presence to be noticed by people; they swiftly moved for each other; each move was so clam as if water flowing calmly through the silent phase, the lady spinned like small eddies spotted in a calmly flowing river. There was a synchronization which made them move, seemed two beautiful colors getting mixed and slowly spreading their arms to get engulfed in each other. My mind was filled with thousands of thoughts but this couple really pacified me, helped to be with myself, to be with myself and thinking nothing at all. The feeling of zeroes which I felt is inexpressible……..

I don’t know their name but still…………….. Thank you Mr & Mrs. Fernandez. Thanks you for giving me myself back for those lovely moments I shared with you.

- Nikhil ©