31 December 2008

Final Resolution 2009

2008 is has ended. The year has taught us many things in our personal as well as social life. 2009 The New Year is to be welcomed with all great thoughts, enthusiasm, new promises, new deadlines, and new lines of hope. When it comes to building something new what is needed is lot of discipline and attention to the newly laid down rule. This process of setting up the new deadline, new lines of hope in the initial days of a new year is generally known as Resolution.

Resolution according to me is Re-Solution to the existing problem. Re-Solution in the New Year is like waging a war with a charged up army, with its moral high all boosted up to kill its enemy. Re-Solution is the battle lead by a new commander young strong powerful with lots of hope strength and aspirations.

If we analyze this concept of resolution we find resolution as a tool of self improvisation, rebuilding, redeveloping an existing vision, a thought left behind, and a thought which is vital for our existence. We had so many resolutions in 2008, but we hardly or merely succeeded in finding the complete solution for them. But when we look back in 2008, we see ourselves in a much better position now, to take over, succeed, excel, outgrow with the resolution that we will have for 2009. Most of our resolutions are more or less common compared to the resolution in the past years. We all have put an effort all these years to kill over the evil and find the complete solution, our efforts to find the complete solution has surely multiplied, 2009 shall be the year of final blow and we shall all attain the desired.

Life swings as a pendulum between resolutions to resolutions every year. 2009 shall be year of getting off the magnetic field and stop the momentum of the evil around us. So let’s have a Re-solution and with the lubricant of effort end few of the recurring resolutions. We the people, the state wish no recurring incidence, experiences, exploitation, terrorism and yes Re-solution.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2009

- Nikhil ©

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