05 December 2008

Mr & Mrs. Fernandez

It was a normal day for me yesterday as aligned as daily routine. I spent most of my day in an around an agreement and also with my virtual friend. I felt a little bad when few or my words rendered the virtual unspoken, which the virtual disliked. Just as usual I do, I spinned to develop into a “SorryMan”. I tender my apologies to the virtual. I had spoken to a friend of mine and articulated my anxiety to learn jive, salsa, and I had an opportunity to be at this place at Bandra. This is an old East Indian Gymkhana, which gives a historic feel. We entered a big hall with lots of huge fans, they were swinging around as if inspecting everyone to be in high spirits. We occupied the table which would render handiness of a clear vision. We settled ourselves with the customary gulp of a beer. With the beer followed the traditional round of ham n cheese with chicken. I was a little skeptical about how; a dull looking place would suddenly turn into a fertile ground for breeding amateur and trained dancers.

After some time the karaoke started and an old gentleman started singing with his heavy voice “Come in my life” and he almost moved the audience to his voice. He created waves and I actually felt myself moving to it. There was a couple on the other end of the hall, quite calm and composed. I am always fascinated with faces and people who are composed and calm. When I see a calm person, there is a thunderous clatter in me which moves me. The couple sitting in the corner had caught my eye. I noticed them watching deep inside each other with no external elements affecting them. I just thought my vision would obstruct there journey within. This couple really gave me a hard-hitting time and I had to wrestle with myself of me being single, never was the retaliation so hard, but I was happy that it’s a symbol of change and I know for sure things will change. All these thoughts took me off the party hall in solitary, but suddenly people around started dancing. I was back from my own fairy land to the jovial existence around me. I saw the couple dancing; they started a bit late. I got attracted to them because they weren’t making any fantastic moves; they weren’t marking there presence to be noticed by people; they swiftly moved for each other; each move was so clam as if water flowing calmly through the silent phase, the lady spinned like small eddies spotted in a calmly flowing river. There was a synchronization which made them move, seemed two beautiful colors getting mixed and slowly spreading their arms to get engulfed in each other. My mind was filled with thousands of thoughts but this couple really pacified me, helped to be with myself, to be with myself and thinking nothing at all. The feeling of zeroes which I felt is inexpressible……..

I don’t know their name but still…………….. Thank you Mr & Mrs. Fernandez. Thanks you for giving me myself back for those lovely moments I shared with you.

- Nikhil ©

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