27 November 2008

My Favorite Bomb blast....

My favorite bomb blast, I hope my children don’t have to write this essay in there school days. By the time I have children and the rate in which terrorists attacks are frequent, this situation will be evident. A state cannot assure security of life to its citizens, it shall change the operating pattern which makes it run. I think it's time to rethink about the democratic pattern that is followed in our country. I do not elect through my vote cast, a prime minister directly, I elect a person who in turn will elect someone else, which is vague and I don’t know who will manage my country. The recent scene of the open bribery episode in Lokhsabha immensely disgraceful. I completely distrust people who are ruling my country. Let a single mind work devoid of any pressures.

I think this a planned action to curb down the growing economy, if we see a few more of such incidences in the Asian region then my presumption would surely come true. My country is facing a lot of problems; it’s going through the financial crunch; people see job cuts, salary cuts and now the most disastrous situation is unsecured life. Even if a person tries to overcome such situations, terrorism would kill them. These blasts have blemished some new opportunities which might have helped the country grow financially. This is an attack on psychology of my country men, I had terriorst dreams for last two nights. The scale in which the thought has gone in planning these attacks is in a way to cripple the mental stiffness of my country. The attack is not only on Mumbai the financial capital of the country but is specifically made on the hub where the financial deals are finalized, the final place to attack and impede the growth. we would be But just as my fellow Mumbaikars including me are getting ready to get back to work tomorrow. “Terrorisms can never overcome hungry”
If anything more that can be implanted in a human body, the implantation of seed with terrorist thought. The enemy of my country has succeeded in implanting this seed.

I salute all the people who have lost there life in blast, pray and yell that let there blood not go in vain…..
- Nikhil ©


  1. true my friend, certainly you, me, all of us have to take descisions promptly before throwing up our country to pack of jokers who juggle and harp upon he premise of being called politicians..............need to discipline our lives and put country first...need to revamp ourselves.......need to be more concerned of our future.. need to unite,first ourselves from within and the the whole nation aginst the menace of political treachery and jugleery...more porticalary juglery of innocent lives at the hands of politicians............. no more chalta hai atitude........... this urges me to say that this counry needs one more fedom movement against the wrath of as hole politicians

  2. The unity hierarchy in our country is caste, community, language, state, and then if still there is interest left………it’s the country.


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