11 November 2008

The --- Virtual --- Unforeseen --- Force.

I am fascinated by the virtual world, the convenience; the happiness which is granted by it is awesome. My blogs are my mental impression which I had put in language of 01001001 and I really appreciate the people who understand this language, it needs that bit more. The virtual world of 01001001 helps me communicate well. Because here I can manipulate, master and manage myself well, and build a holistic picture of how I fancy. But I take no notice of the statement above made, if you portray your mental expression how can it be virtual.

I am certainly very happy from last few days in my virtual life. And I think my 1st blog (Unforeseen Force) is happening to me again, the force has lost its momentum for some time, and now has come back stiff and sturdy on me. This one is dedicated to that unforeseen force which forced me in to blog writing, Appreciation is the key to the most intricate situation and can trigger human emotion and actions in a Betterrest way. (Betterrest = Better than the Rest). There may be hardly some thing in the existing world around me; it might be in my favor or against me, but that doesn’t bother me much, as long as the provocation is alive in the virtual world, and that will keep me moving. The best thing of virtual world is a person is devoid of physical appearance or existence. I am in this virtual world with the device of virtual communication and can’t be there for a span of time. Yet being human has to get off it, but I am happy for the fact that I am virtually happy and shall stay so. Thank you……. The --- Virtual --- Unforeseen --- Force.

- Nikhil ©

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