26 February 2009


Words are words
They can hurt
Make you smile
Let you low
Take you high
Words are deceptive
Words are arrogant
Words have attitude
Words are strength
Words are surprise
Words are hope
Words create uneasiness
Words distress
Words might discriminate
At times intimate
Sometimes criminate
They kill
And reincarnate
Words with intent make you live
When I say
How much I care
I have no words.
Inspiration: Latika
- Nikhil ©

19 February 2009

Tinsel Town

With the sun rays on the tinsel town
Life waking up by the street
No routine nothing to do
Striving for minimal needs to no end
Fight for survival every moment
Back to work on the signal light
Life making a huge difference
Different world behind the glass
Life so comfortable
Life so structured
Life so hard-hitting
Life so muddled
To survive the intention
Desire and quest on either end.

- Nikhil ©


Bhima was back to work this morning with his big black rucksack and a tool made out of a badminton racket, his job was finding utilizable on the streets and garbage bins. The season was altering and with the heat the quest for an Alphanso grew in him. He has seen life behind the stained glass complete, luxurious and fulfilling. But as to destiny Bhima always landed with half rotten Alphanso.
One more of my micro stories.............

Nikhil ©

17 February 2009

The Touch

I have the habit of waking up with the touch of Anjali. It was in canteen when love struck me for the 1st time. The fatal blow happened, harder and stronger every time I saw Anjali. Aditya weds Anjali the night of triumph. I still wake up with the same touch, one blow has altered Anjali, she has grown small; she touches me with her tiny tender hands. Anju a part of Anjali and me. Thank you Anjali your touch still remains and I am touched for rest of my life.

Dear Bogglers this is my first ever effort of writing a micro story it is approximately 90 words.
- Nikhil ©

12 February 2009


In me I see the change
I see rising sun and the moon
Hot air sizzling, cold wind chilling
I see the blossom and shedding trees
I see the colors changing
I am barred by my emotion
And meet people to put life in motion
Change in me is demanding
Need an action commanding
Complex human nature unchanging
In me a mutiny sprouting
With thy self combating
In me I see the change

- Nikhil ©

11 February 2009

I am poisoned

I am poisoned
I am poisoned by the eyes,
And the dark outlined eyebrows.
I am poisoned by the word,
And the thoughts.
I am poisoned by the calmness,
And the lovely shy.
I am poisoned by the action you take,
And the lovely moves you make.
I am poisoned by the touch,
And the way I feel is just too much.
I am poisoned and taken by the hallucination,
Every act I do is your imitation.
I see it’s you in my vision.
I am poisoned and I feel the pain,
I shall loose everything for you to gain.
I am poisoned, poison me one last time
Let the poison run in me all over again
Come hold my hand
Take me to the world
Devoid of time and tide
Nothing to regain
No happiness no pain
Emptiness all over again.
- Nikhil ©

05 February 2009

Happy being Sad

Happy being sad is the way of life
At the end of the tunnel there is light
I am not sure you might
But mate you need to fight
Nothing is upright
You need to twist and turn
To fit it right
Life is black and white
What you think is not always right
Happy being sad is an ought
You need to give it a thought
And with the thought there is a shade
Happiness and sorrows of what we are made.

- Nikhil ©

02 February 2009

When I look in your eyes.

When I look in your eyes and analyze
I can’t conclude
Nothing to decide
Why analyze myself then I think???
When I think to discover
And have nothing to uncover
The fire, the quest in me
Your touch pacifying
Two people one soul truly said
And there is enough between us which is unsaid
With unsaid I shall survive for ages
I feel the same every time
When I look in your eyes.

- Nikhil ©