17 February 2009

The Touch

I have the habit of waking up with the touch of Anjali. It was in canteen when love struck me for the 1st time. The fatal blow happened, harder and stronger every time I saw Anjali. Aditya weds Anjali the night of triumph. I still wake up with the same touch, one blow has altered Anjali, she has grown small; she touches me with her tiny tender hands. Anju a part of Anjali and me. Thank you Anjali your touch still remains and I am touched for rest of my life.

Dear Bogglers this is my first ever effort of writing a micro story it is approximately 90 words.
- Nikhil ©


  1. only 90 words but still so eventful...
    Damn intesting :)
    Keep writing buddy !

  2. Thank you so much buddy...........


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