12 February 2009


In me I see the change
I see rising sun and the moon
Hot air sizzling, cold wind chilling
I see the blossom and shedding trees
I see the colors changing
I am barred by my emotion
And meet people to put life in motion
Change in me is demanding
Need an action commanding
Complex human nature unchanging
In me a mutiny sprouting
With thy self combating
In me I see the change

- Nikhil ©


  1. this is truely awesome.. you redefine a "master-piece with evey new though of yours... great going.. god bless u .. Vishal..

  2. Thanks so much Vishal.
    This will surely accelarate my efforts.

  3. good one dude... I really liked it... And I really like the way u write... Simple but strong thoughts... Keep going buddy....

  4. superb.. nicely put up...but dude.. you r letting urself out... i mean.. from these writtings...we are getting to know the deepr side of urs.. but gr8 work..


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