29 June 2009


Sheetal was devised as a cupid by her, to convey her love to Nishant. But she plotted it with a lustrous touch by luring Nishant with an option of new relationship. When the fact was unveiled Nishant ferociously disowned her and the love she had. The only wish left un-conveyed by her was a birthday greeting for which she designed the plot.

09 June 2009

Let the journey begin.....

I am on a crossroad
Which way to take
Should I go straight?
Or to take a turn
Which way would lead
The road to glories of life
And success of high skies
To the deep miseries
And pain standing by
Which way to take
Is the dispute
I wish to win
A hought of failure I refute
I need the radiance
Come hold me and lead me
I need you besides me
Through the miseries and agonies of life
Come let’s walk our way
Let the journey begin.