09 June 2009

Let the journey begin.....

I am on a crossroad
Which way to take
Should I go straight?
Or to take a turn
Which way would lead
The road to glories of life
And success of high skies
To the deep miseries
And pain standing by
Which way to take
Is the dispute
I wish to win
A hought of failure I refute
I need the radiance
Come hold me and lead me
I need you besides me
Through the miseries and agonies of life
Come let’s walk our way
Let the journey begin.


  1. oye Niks...whats this email disclaimer...u work at nomura??

    a poem every soul can relate to..arent we always standing at a crossroad n unable to take a decision alone??

    may the force be with u..hope u r well!

  2. hey Buddy,
    What took you so long to find your path ? But I am glad you are facing dilemma at least. A different path to choose for. Nothing phenomenal about this post but your diversion is appreciable. Leave all your miseries apart

  3. Vinnie: ur right i do work with nomura, my office has banned blogger, this blog was posted by an email thats why the disclaimer. Thanks a ton buddy for ur comment.

  4. WildChild: Thanks Buddy
    Dear Anonymus: i thought you dont exist around me, yes i have found my path, cant wander for a person who holds no importance for people who care. I am facing a delima becasue i hold something for a person. I am sure you too will realise it. but one advice dont be late people and time wait for none.

  5. Nirmal Anand: Dude just got too busy with work. I am missing my blog the most. i remeber ur post on how you are in love with ur post. Take care buddy.

  6. Yes There is a Crossroad indeed infront of us.. Anjali

  7. thr is always a driving force dear..which will lead u in the right direction..always..so let the journey begin!

  8. See, I told ya. Fuck that bit** Go live your life. She really has to be that for not recognizing a Gem like you.
    Spread yr arms let shackles break. Welcome to bond free world

  9. Thanks Anjali
    @ Swati i agree with you buddy.
    Dear Anonymus: i told you no abusive language i respect you as much as i respect anyone else. I like ur passion for my emancipation, who are you??????

  10. I can very well be you. Putting your words in the mouth of Anonymous, not a big deal. All you have to do is log off. Also good way to create sensation on blog.

  11. Crossroads define our lives...wonderful!

  12. Knock knock !
    The worst thing you can do to your enemy is to Ignore him.

  13. I am trying to ignore myself........things are terribly bad buddy. Please take care.

  14. Forget safety!!! Live whr u fear to live!!! Destroy ur reputation...b Notorious!!!


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