29 December 2008

Thanks Amrita

I am traveling back to my office after almost a week’s time, and this bus journey is really pleasant it’s a late winter morning around 11 am. It was a recovering week for me; I was encircled in the sickness and had landed in beautiful experience of Loud in Life. An old couple thought me a loud lesson of being loud in life. The most unraveling journey of meeting her in ward no 11 (my first ever effort of writing love story). This journey was through the nothingness, boredom, idleness, and tasteless food, but episodes like Ward no 11, Loud in life really helped add spice and flavor to my life.

With few rounds at the hospital I realized the strict routine of sickness, which everyone has to surpass and with the age it’s an inevitable episode. In this time of complete physical rest my mind was optimally occupied with lovely thoughts and my empty had really turned into a workshop. I made my mind run over some issues that we often think but restrain from sharing. I made some effort to put my thoughts about lust, one night stand. I indulged into a lot of films the last week. I was never so religious about watching movies in theater and last week was almost like a limica book of records for me, in a week 2 movies. Gajani all I derived from the promotion of the movie was how to have a toned body in a year’s time. The movie is highly romantic/violent, it was better than any other movie of the times. Rab ne Bana Di Jodi; I actually cursed Rabji to put a thought in me to watch the movie. I am sorry Rabji.

The Sunday evening ended just rightly, Amrita really nursed me back to health, rejuvenated me from the abrasion and pain inflicted by Rab ne Bana Di Jodi. Amrita’s soothing effect was revitalizing. It was since a long time I wanted to watch “Tumhari Amrita”. The elegance of Shaban Azmi and passionate voice of Farooque Shaikh a perfect blend and a love story wow!!!!!! We are speechless when we are touched and I felt it to the core. My week ended with Amrita, from Tumhari Amrita she is now “Meri Amrita”.

- Nikhil ©

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