20 February 2010

Should or should not.

It was after a lot of efforts she decided to get into it. A women i her probably forced her to take that herculean step. Its always difficult for her (women) to get into it may be the thought of it is quite fascinating. That decision of hers would get things moving and would force her for a dedicated action of the rest of her life. She surpasses the alley of depression if she was ready for it or she could handle and manage it. It’s always difficult for a women to take such a step by intention or an accident she has to suffer it carry it and take care of it all through the life. She is tested positive

1 comment:

  1. i truely feel...nobody can force nebody....yes the guy culd hv bin pushy to get wot he wanted but the girl culdn push herself out of wot she din want.....so u cant blame the guy for the same rite............

    If i dont want to do nething...nobody can force me...n u knw it well nix...


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