02 April 2009

Why today I have no words

Why today I have no words
Nothing to do no action to take
No dreams and destination
Everything seems shattered
Dedications made to you
Seems like never have mattered
Open your heart to me
I shall burn like no blood in me
I shall be like a block of wood
Craft me the way you want
Make me smile make me cry
Make sure you hang me in your house
Let me there to watch you
In sorrows pain and happiness
Just a mute spectator
Make me the company
Or just touch me
Bring me to life
To listen, cry laugh with you
Engulf my life around you
I wish to be open of what I hold for you
I love you I need you.
I wish to speak these words
Ignorant and disdain
Again and Again
Why today I have no words
I still hang in your house
Waiting to be alive.


  1. seriously i have no words to say...

    beautiful mate...

  2. HA HA Ha....
    Did she even understand this one ?


Few words i have few words i need. Dont hesitate your IQ is at stake.