15 April 2009

I am all edged

I know I am creating an exception to the worldly regulation.
This one goes to my boss. We had a presentation today morning and he was really inspiring on how to reach highs in life. His words where so intoxicating, that by the end I was all high with an aspiration to touch the sky.

I burn with those words
I set my life on a blaze
I look at the world
With a different gaze
With the words
Which you said
Hold a distinct edge
The edge to quantify
The edge to qualify
The edge to exceed
The edge to supersede
The edge to excel
The edge to surpass
And with this
I shall cut the curse
And lead to boon
I am all edged


  1. WOW!!! You have amazing power to write poems... Keep it up nikhil

  2. @Vinnie: Yes i am lucky i must say........touch wood.
    @Raji: Thanks so much, appreciation is the master key.


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