10 April 2009

The journey called “Life”

Through the mountain
And the terrain
Through the rain
Water across
The River, Sea and pond
In all these element
On thing remains constant
The quest to touch something
The desire to reach
High and deep within
This is the surviving point
Which I hold
The quest is to rise
The rise so high
That I am noticeable
Form a distant land
And high sky
Sink myself so deep
That I can touch
Core of you
Every element in me
Moves with a motive
The motive is lucid
Getting close to you
The journey of high
And the low
With existence of you
My journey
Will be the journey
The journey called “Life”


  1. first time here...very even transition towards the central theme...simple n intriguing reality captured very well.

    nice piece, Nikhil...thanks for visiting me but abt following me - its a big risk u have taken:) so, all the best, man!

  2. Hey vinnie,
    As long as its not homicidal am ok.
    I have to survive to express......dont kill me just in case even if you thin abt it.

  3. hehhehehe...naa.. i wont kill!

  4. Then i shall venture in the adventure of following your blog....
    I have small question ??????


Few words i have few words i need. Dont hesitate your IQ is at stake.