22 April 2009

I miss you...

It’s been long
Haven’t seen the sky
Didn’t feel the
Breath and touch
Through words
It’s been long
Mind inscribed on sand
All emotions
Every thing chocked up
It’s been long
From the time on
Stuck with Glimpse
And the eyes
Happiness far
Light not reaching eyes
Words sweet and
Tender do fall on ears
Through all these
Days I most
Feel like a year.

This is dedicated to my dear blog, whom I have been missing like hell.

I am sorry I shall not be regularly in touch with you, because I engulfed in the vicious circle and for a change this time it’s not her eyes. It’s my work.


  1. Aww..the poem is so sweet.. write whenever you find time.. will look forward to ur posts..

  2. hey...this is cute...work hard n do post sometimes during a coffee/lunch break!


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