03 May 2009

I am free………I can fly

I don’t need the words
The fatal false pretentious word
One stands with his head down
With no self pride and ego to decide
He has survived
His life through a stride
Just a thought and on a ride
Imprudent his feelings
One day she would recognize
Explicit and clear as glass it looks
An arrow struck
And pears through him
Blood screams and shatters
Loudly speaks what matters
But darkness splash
Nothing to hold
He has to endure
For idiotic needs
Do no leniency
Dreams of authenticity
Should gnaw him hard
Munch his flesh
And slay him off
Let him rotten and sting
Since time has to pass
Death unto freedom
I am free………I can fly


  1. hmmmm..i hope i got it right..some relationships r only bondage..its better to break the bonds n fly off...

  2. I must say Vinnie you got precisely what i wanted to say.

  3. Right said vinnie.
    It's a beautiful post..Very inspirational to me. thanks for sharing, buddy.


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