17 May 2009

Him & Her

He said what he had to
She heard what she had to
They felt what they had to
He exploited the words
She preferred to be silent
He had a lot to say
She had no time to heed
Her actions breed his thoughts
And he craved for a knot
She felt nothing
Or she had something
Is all that’s bothering
He slaughter his word
Made them bleed
Made them strain
Transformed them
Rejuvenated them
Reincarnated them
Reproduced them
Dipped them in passion
Nursed them in divine emotion
Fanatical devotion
Drenched in his sensation
Brought to the light
Kept them up in sun
Just a nature goes
They had to dehydrate
Everything went up the air
What he holds might be false
Don’t label it as friendly thought
How can she go off him?
Cause in him she’s lingering
But she prefers to be quite
Rather he be quite
Not as quite he was earlier
Quite in quite sense
Live with the essence


  1. Nice swaying feel to the poem. Especially liked the part where he makes his own words bleed.


  2. This summarizes everything.
    Silence is the toughest argument !
    Move on buddy !

  3. my! my!
    n in him lingers a little bit of her forever..beautiful!!

    i like the 'slaughter his word' line:)

  4. i guess this was written in a nikholic trance eh? ;)

  5. @Velu: Thanks a ton Buddy, I know they do bleed....trust me. I feel the blood oozing out of each nd every word.

  6. aishu: I know its nice but cant get better than your story of heart and mind......i am alraedy a fan or do you need an A/C :-)

  7. Vinnie: the ficition 55 girl. I am happy u liked it, u need to slaughter the words to make the goddess happy.

  8. Pri: 1st of all welcome. I am always in a nikholic trance just as my name goes.......be in touch and keep blogging.

  9. The Anonymus well wisher: Thanks a ton buddy, i think i know you very well except the identity part. I feel you are very much around me. be there i need you.


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