19 May 2009

Aise hai yeh zindagi

Aise hai yeh zindagi………….jo chao who paa na sako.
Jo socho, jiske liye socho, uusehi who baat na sako
Tham kar appna dil, dhadkane kar ke teez
Himmat se arz kar bhi do………maut to anni hi hai
Chaaye ikrrar se…………..chayee inkar se
Tho phir kyoun isse bayan kare.
Apne khayalo ko kyoun apne app se juda kare
Kudha kare koi jaddu ho jaye…….
Bin batayen hi insaan saab samaj jaye
Shaayad tab zameen jannat ban jaye.

Guys this is my opening endeavor of scripting somewhat stupid, but trust me I really liked it. I really like doing stupid things these days. What is life without a little bit of stupidity. I hate and refrain from being perfect, because then I would never be apologetic and make someone feel right, I would never agree with anyone and be adamant. The preeminent illustration of the most stupidest object in the universe is the marvelous sentiment called “love”. It really makes you stupid it’s a magic charm everything around seems gorgeous. I think it’s a journey that a person surpasses a journey to heaven everything harmonious, clam, quite and yet understandable. Look I wrote so much in stupidity and again I would say I haven’t said anything. But this is the way it is.

Dedicated to all my stupid bloggers and the anonymous.


  1. Wow!!

    thanks Nikhil! u dedicated a post to me:)

  2. yeh word verification hatao bhaiyya...pehle baar error boltha hain...dubara type karne mein jaan nikali hain :(

  3. You are most welcome Vinnie, and yes i have removed the word verification thingy.

  4. Hey buddy, I really liked the opening para in hindi.

    Reminds me of a quote from KBC ~
    Aaj bhi pakde hai yeh umeed ko dori, don't lose hope is the moral of the story. :-)

  5. Thanks Friend !

  6. @Wild Child: I am glad you liked it.

    Dear Anonymous: If you are my freind does my frind has some identity, or its just a computer generated program.

  7. What is more important is "Feeling"
    & I really feel for you buddy. I have also experienced all you have expressed in this blog. We are almost same . Just that you have power of words. Still I wasted my half life on someone who does not deserve. Take my words.
    ~ Virus !

  8. I thought we agreed on keeping that a secret...

    You dont have tell everyonr I'm stupid... :) LOL...

    Opening lines... just awesome...

  9. I thought we agreed to keep that a secret... me being stupid ofcourse... :)

    Y u gotta tell that to everyone...

    Opening lines... awesome...

  10. ApocalypsE: I know buddy but let the world know that my world is big enough with all you people around.

  11. Dear Anonymous i am happy you have feelings and they are active to...........one just needs to have feelings, everything else follows.


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