25 May 2009


In woods deep
Are the logs
partially burned
A drop of water
And my soul pacified
The hunger in eyes
The thirst in voice
I sing
The darkness
The grief
The pain surrounds
Mid night stroke
And you linger
The warmth with the touch
As snake trailed path
tunefully and evenly
You reach the skull
With the nibble
And I sway
To the music
Music of my heart
And I dance
I dance till the silence.


  1. I like everything about this post. Hauntingly vivid and lovely!

  2. snake trailed path??? u mean u have actually seen one? that must be a narrow escape, no?

    deep imagery here..looks like someone is badly out to express all his pain...way to go, Nikhil...go on..Heal thyself!

  3. yippie!!
    a big thank u for taking off word verif:)

  4. n did i say u always manage to find some awesome pics ...

    i am so relieved..no word verif! balle balle...shaava shaava!

  5. ok ok ..ok i wont spam u...this is a 'null' comment

    good night to me now..:)

  6. Thanks a ton Vinnie for all your vibrant and variant comments.

  7. Thanks a ton Nikki and congrats on completion of 100 posts.

  8. warmth of your touch...

    i danced, danced till the silence... exquisite lines


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