10 May 2009


Compromise is the term………..yes it is the term she was not convinced but was forced to go for it. She got up with the soreness; the ache forceful right from her abdomen through her vertebrae. The colorful stride and the journey of fame. Dreams shattered by the harsh authenticity. She lifted herself from the bed wrapped in the bed sheet moved towards the bathroom. Fantastic shot madam, good job. Mr Misra had arranged for the script reading session at his bungalow in mud-island. “Retake” is what she thought.


  1. hahaha...harsh-bloody-reality!

    i like the mud-island thing..sounds so real!
    muddy - island indeed!

    'Retake' is apt title too! overall..10/10!

  2. Thanks a ton vinnie.

    I am glad you liked it.

  3. Yep. The bitter truth about the glamour world. Nothing come for free... loved the post.

    "The child is grown, the dream is gone" - Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd

  4. @ rushabhh: Thank you

    @ WC: Thanks a ton buddy for the song.

  5. retake--- that was brilliant dude. very very compelling...
    loved ur blog.

    take care. do visit.

  6. Buddy, Wat hppnd ? Not is usual form ...
    Looks like you too need a "Retake" !

  7. @Little Girl Lost: Thanks a ton I am glad you liked it. i went through your blog.........Little girl with larger than life words.

  8. Hey my dear Anonymous, I was missing you so much these days it seems you are much more constant than anyone in my life. However thank you for your advice and trust me life has changed...........I now reside on planet earth.(practically)

  9. hey that was amazing....REALITY is what we can't accept....good work nikholic

  10. all that glitters is not gold...uve potrayed the dark side of the glamous world rather well :)


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