30 March 2009

Inscription for you

How do I inscribe something for you?
I impede myself from stating….
What I hold for you
It might be a boon
Or a lethal blow
How do I say?
What I feel for you
Stating in words might kill its zeal
Sometimes I feel you an angel
Every portion and expression of you
Gets in me
And I keep buzzing like a honey bee
Like a holy gospel all over again
My words are inadequate to quantify
What I undergo and surpass
I wish to keep it a secret
An exquisite fragile delusion
You play the axis of my existence
I revolve and dwell around it
The smallest part of me belongs to you
The principal thought ever is you
My ideas are you
My words are you
How do I say anything about me?
I am speechless


  1. Thanks so much Shweta.......This was the last thing that i dedicated to someone. And it is sad that to whom it is dedicated is not aware of it........or may be doesnt want to take the accountability.

    - N


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