19 March 2009

I feel like a man

She stands faithful
In my hands
She is set for sacrifice
She blazes herself
When my quest is high
For my satisfaction
She ruins her life
She gives me paradise
Which no one can provide
When I need her the most
She is at utmost
When waiting for someone
She’s the only one
She stands close by
In the rainy day
The winter night
And hot summer sky
My emotions she recognize
In pleasure and pain
She helps me organize
Our love story is not recognized
I am often with her in a lonely night
And she partners me when alone
She loves to the core
Her possessiveness is hardcore
With her burn she burns me too
Making sure I am nearing the end soon
Every morning she kisses me
With her in my hands
I feel like a man

Dedicated to all my smoker freinds.

- Nikhil ©


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. wow thats great bro wht a unique relation.part of it yet not to be part of it....... smoking kills but ur thoughts r more killing man.

  3. such beautifully you've expessed the relation between a smoker and his cigarette. Nice post.

  4. hey, Wonderful..
    Too dramatic :)
    even I agree with that 'Hardcore' point

  5. hhhmmm... one more hit.... go on bro.......


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