27 March 2009

Two Micro Stories

Happy Saree Day

Rohit was in the 2nd year of MBA course. Immersed in his studies. He wasn’t provoked by these fatal delicacies of attraction, infatuation and love. Least interested in college functions he was dragged by his friends to attend a Saree day. He heard a sweet voice which captured his attention. Sakshi was the tag she was sporting. She was draped in a lovely pink saree and had a mesmerizing look, her exquisiteness was so striking that he was almost a zombie. The celestial beauty had imprinted her mark in his heart. Sakshi was hosting a show, when Rohit saw her for the 1st time. She was speaking and speaking and is speaking till date. It’s their 1st anniversary the only wish Rohit deserves is “Happy Saree Day”


It was a rainy night. I meet rima and was swept away by the hurricane of her presence around me. I had always valued her in my existence. A sweeping thunder strike. The electricity flows through the water. Converting existence to memories. Memories to live life with. And now I stand under her looking myself in her.


  1. Wow. Both stories have romantic elements and are amazingly written...Heart touch..Thanks for sharing..
    I like all your micro stories and i always look forward to the next one.. Keep up the good job!


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