02 March 2009

I Care

It was too early you left me yesterday
I had just seen you
And was waiting for the sunshine by the bay
It was too early that you left
With your eyes I was left
It was too early to demand
My heart followed your command
It was too early to be awake
Your dreams are my stake
I know it’s too early that I felt for you
I know you won’t find it great
And ask me the reason for the silly mistake
And I wish I won’t be too late
I want to say I care

- Nikhil ©


  1. heyy.. lovely dear.... too good...
    ur all posts r very touchy.. just loved dem... :)
    keep writing..

  2. Thanks Ashu......I shall forever indulge in this venture of touching people's emotions all through my life.

  3. Heyy dear itss amazing .. lovely.. i really dont have wordss.. very touchy... ur all posts are og n extra-ordinary.. differnet than other ppl's bogs.. just loved dem... keep writing...

  4. extra-ordinarily fanatic !
    Can not see someone wasting his beautiful words on something so frivilous


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