10 October 2010

10-10-10 Dasvidaniya

This day I aim to make a confession, I was enormously in love with her and my verses could never expound my feelings. But my body did react to each and every drift she made. I am sorry I haven’t told anyone of you about my clandestine affair. I am sure few of you would have read my verses of devotion http://nikholic-psyche.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-feel-like-man_19.html  for her. But today on this auspicious day of 10-10-10 there is confession I wish to do. I want to take up a vidhan (in Marathi this is known as a promise). A vidhan on 10-10-10 is I shall forgive and forget her forever. Few parting words for her.

You stood by me

For all the pain

And I had nothing to gain

You made me insane

With you addiction in vain

Today I say I shall be away

With the happiness I want to sway

Forvever keep you at bay.

Bye bye is all I want to say

Dasvidhaniya Dasvidhaniya Dasvidhaniya. ……


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