06 October 2008


Life @

Life @ is something which galvanized me when I witnessed over a period of time, the inseparable relation that developed between technology and living mortals. How life has is technology driven, and is controlling our entire sum of existence. My cell phone is a party and a spectator to everything.I was always fascinated by this charismatic device called a cell phone. I was one of the chosen few who could administer the royalty and conveniences of communication which I can utilize irrespective of a time frame. It was a real short span of an acclaimed celebrity life, which I thoroughly enjoyed and cherish till date. I would receive calls from people, friends of people, professor’s family and associates, people would be real friendly despite being the fact I know them or not. But this was a short spell and just as good spell has to end it ended much before then expected. The up gradation happened soon I almost felt like a mummy.

I had this newly found love of a compact CD player which brought the same old short span of galvanized life; it was also like a glorious small stint in my life, as the time passed by I realized this fact that technology is so fast paced it leaves you with no option but to get an up gradation. I think this enhancement and such evolutionary nature of technology is forcing us to excel, upgrade, expand, surpass, advance, inflate, outdo, outclass.

- Nikhil ©

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